Wallet Pickup: Learn and Earn

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With the motive of digitizing the remittance industry in Nepal, we started the Wallet Pickup Service back in 2014 with our first partner being the Remittance giant Western Union. Money sent from abroad with the payment mode as Cash Pick Up could be easily picked up in eSewa Wallet too. In collaboration with eSewa Money Transfer, we have increased the pool of the service. Not limiting the service to only Western Union, Wallet Pickup can be used on the transaction sent from all partners of eSewa Money Transfer: World Family Remit– Japan, Valyou– Malaysia, and Remitly.

Along with this, eSewa provides Rs. 55 as Bonus to the customers using this service. Now staying at your own home, you can get your remittance amount along with the Bonus.


Terms and conditions for Rs. 55 Bonus on Wallet Pickup service:

  1. The offer is valid on Wallet Pickup Service only. Cash transactions should be picked up in eSewa Wallet.
  2. The offer is valid on International Transactions only.
  3. Transactions from eSewa Money Transfer’s every partner is counted.
  4. Direct load to eSewa Wallet is not eligible for the offer. 
  5. The offer is valid till August 31, 2020.
  6. The bonus shall be provided within 24 hours of the transaction made. 

Here is the process to receive the cash Pick Up Transaction through eSewa Wallet:

1. Login to your eSewa Account

2. Tap on Remittance

3. Select eSewa Remit

4. Tap on Receive Money

5. Select the Country; Enter the MTCN and Amount, and Tap on Proceed.

The system will match the details you entered along with your name. If all the details get matched, our system will confirm it is you, and you shall receive the amount in the eSewa wallet instantly.


  1. What if the money is not received by the mentioned process “Wallet Pick up”?

This can happen only if the information inserted in the system does not match that of the information sent by your sender. Only in this case, the transaction could be forwarded. Please match the following details with the sender:

  1. Country
  2. Control Number
  3. Amount sent to you
  4. The name Sender entered while sending the money should match with your name in eSewa KYC Verified Account. (Note: Minor spelling mistake made by the sender on your name is acceptable)
  1. Are all the customers registered in eSewa eligible to Pick up money sent to them?

In order to pick up the remittance money, one must be verified in eSewa. Verify your account by uploading your citizenship photocopy and a passport-sized photo. Please click here, for the full process of the verification of your eSewa KYC. 

  1. How many times can I participate in this offer?

You can participate and get Rs. 55 as many times as you use this service. Till the offer runtime (August 21, 2020) there will not be any limitation in the participation. 

  1. Is there any limitation in the Wallet Pickup Service?

Maximum Amount to be received by Wallet Pickup Service would be Rs. 1 Lakh per day.

  1. What can I do with the amount in eSewa?

You can enjoy all the eSewa services like utility bill payment, flight ticket reservation, bus ticket reservation, online shopping, paying school fees, scan and pay, and a lot more.

If you wish to withdraw the amount in eSewa, you can use the option – Bank Transfer.

For more inquiry:- 

Call eSewa Money Transfer using the Toll-free number: 16600137777

Call eSewa Money Transfer through Landline Number: 014415579, 014415603

Reach eSewa Money Transfer through Viber: +9773777737777

You can also follow eSewa Money Transfer on Facebook, Instagram and Viber community for the latest updates.

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  1. What about regulatory provision, as per NRB guidelines we are not allowed to keep balance more than 25000 in Wallet. How Esewa manage the regulatory provision? If customer make payment of one hundred thousand in the wallet. Isn’t compliance will be breached?

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