eSewa Money Transfer and Remitly, USA collaborate for digital remittance service.

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eSewa Money Transfer has digital remittance partnership with Remitly. Remitly is one the fastest digital remittance company in the world. With Remitly, one can send money from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries. eSewa Money transfer in collaboration with Remitly offer three mode to receive money through: –

  1. Cash Pick up – Collect from 8,000 eSewa remit locations in Nepal or  cash pick up into eSewa wallet. 
  2. Any bank deposit – real time credit. 
  3. eSewa wallet credit/load. 

Cash Pickup

Cash Pickup transactions could be cash out from eSewa Money Transfer’s 8,000+ Agents.In addition to this eSewa Money Transfer also provides a digital platform to pick up money sent through this mode. You can pick up the money sent to you directly in your eSewa Wallet and is very much similar to your normal remittance cash out process, you just require an eSewa Wallet:-

Process of picking up the remitted amount in your eSewa Wallet:

  1. Select Country.
  2. Enter the Control Number provided by the sender.
  3. Enter the amount sent to you.

The system will match the details you entered along with your name. If all the details match, our system confirms it’s you and you shall receive the amount of yours in eSewa wallet instantly.

Wallet Receive

Wallet Receive is a process where you can receive money directly into your eSewa mobile wallet. Unlike, Cash Pickup process, you do not need to enter the Control Number to receive remitted money into your eSewa wallet. 

You will need to send your eSewa registered mobile number to your beloved ones overseas. In Remitly’s App Sender gets the option to choose eSewa from the “Delivery Method” section.

To know the process of receiving money from Remitly in your digital wallet, click here.

Bank Account Deposit

You can receive money directly in your bank account too. Choose the Bank Account option, then destination Bank’s Name, Bank Account Number and Account Holder’s Name. Money will be credited to your account number in no less than 5 mins of the sent time.

To know the process of receiving money from Remitly in your bank account, click here.


  1. What if the money is not received by the mentioned process “Wallet Pick up”?

This can happen only if the information inserted in the system does not match that of the information sent by your sender. Only in this case, the transaction could be forwarded. Please match the following details with the sender.

  1. How can I receive money through the Wallet Receive process?

Senders abroad have the option to send the amount directly to your wallet. He/she just needs to enter your eSewa registered valid mobile number and proceed with the transaction. With all the valid information it will take a maximum of 10 minutes for your wallet to be credited.

  1. My Mobile number is not registered in eSewa. Will the transaction be completed through the Wallet Receive process?

Transactions will not be credited in unregistered eSewa numbers. However, once your number gets registered and verified then the transaction could be reprocessed and the wallet will be credited.

You can register your mobile number with eSewa and get verified. You can download eSewa App or log in to eSewa’s website to get registered.

  1. Are all the Customers registered in eSewa eligible to Pickup money sent to them?

In order to pick up the remit transaction, one must be verified in eSewa. Verify your account by uploading your citizenship photocopy and a passport size photo.

  1. Do I need to verify my eSewa Account each time I have to receive money?

No. Verifying your eSewa Id is a one time process. Once the verification is done you can use this service time and again without verification.

  1. What can I do with the amount in eSewa?

You can enjoy all the eSewa services like utility bill payment, flight ticket reservation, bus ticket reservation, online shopping, paying school fees, scan and pay, and lot more.

If you wish to withdraw the eSewa amount in cash, you can use the option-withdraw to the bank.

For More inquiry:- 

Tollfree: 16600137777

Landline Number: 014415579, 014415603

Viber: +9773777737777




  1. I have already verified my esewa id. I would like to know is it possible to implement it on my website and if it is possible, please let me know. How much money can I receive at one time from foreign countries?
    Thank you.

  2. Ke bidesh bata aako paisa merai naam ma hunu paryo ki aru ko naam ma aayeko paisa laie pni remittance grna milxa

  3. Can i remmit from qatar to esewa wallet and how much is the maximum amount i can deposit to esewa ?

  4. I understood it quite well but if you upload descriptive vedio it would be more reliable to everyone.

  5. Maile mero pasal ko lagi hiding bord ko lagi eSewa sanga request gareko
    Lockdown hunu bhanda ekmaina paila ho tara eSewa bata kunai MATLAB
    Nagareko huna le achel ta maile eSewa marfat karobar garnai ekdam kam gareka xau

  6. sir kun kun country bat aako ra kunku remite company bat aako money recive garn painchha

    1. Hello Sir,

      You can send money to your loved ones using VALYOU App directly to eSewa Wallet or Bank Account.

  7. Why only few country. It should be international service. Different people , different country.

  8. Just a cuople of questions:1. Should we include +977 before our registered Esewa ID to send money to Esewa wallet? 2. In the pick up section, there we should mention ‘amount’, right? So should amount be in NRS or the currency of sending country?

    1. Hello Sushil Sir,
      No sir addition of +977 is not required. It’s already inbuilt in the application. The amount in the Pickup section should be in NPR and should match exactly with the amount sent.

  9. Qatar ko rwmitence baata esewa maa direct deposite hun6 poisa hun6 vane process batai dinu hola k kasari vanera?

    1. Hello Sir,
      We are in process to start our service from Qatar. You can follow us on our social media platforms to keep yourself updated regarding our services.

    1. Hello Sir,
      We are in process to start our service from Saudi and Qatar as well. You can follow us on our social media platforms to keep yourself updated regarding our services.

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