From World Family Remit to Nepal: Send Money Easily!

World Family Remit Japan Primary

World Family Remit is the first international partner of eSewa Money Transfer. With the motive to make sending money real quick and easy, World Family Remit started its service and has established itself as a growing remittance company in Japan. Users of World Family Remit can easily access remittance services without going to a bank, easily from their mobile phones in a safe and secure manner. World Family Remit offers three modes of transfer:

    1. Cash Pickup where the beneficiary can get the remitted amount from 8,000+ eSewa Remit’s Payout Network.
    2. Bank Deposit in any bank where the amount will be directly credited to the beneficiary’s bank account in real-time.
    3. eSewa Wallet where the beneficiary will receive amount directly in his/her eSewa Wallet.

Interested in knowing how to send money from Japan to Nepal using World Family Remit through eSewa Money Transfer? Keep reading to find out.


Send Money From Japan from World Family Remit.

The process of sending Money from Japan mainly includes 3 aspects:

  1. Registration
  2. Generating Transaction
  3. Payment of the Transaction

How to register in World Family Remit ?

  1. Download and Run World Family Remit App on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Now Tap on Login/Registration.
  3. Tap on Registration once again.
  4. Tap on Member Login for Individuals.
  5. Fill up the form. Please remember to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Review the provided information and click on Next.
  7. Now, Identity Verification Box opens – Select document with photo and click on Continue.
  8. Select Personal Number Card as photographic proof of identity and click on Continue.
  9. Please remember the 4 digit number and start taking pictures.
  10. Show the 4 digit Anti-Fraud Number along with the front side of your photo document in the picture.
  11. Review, Confirm, and Continue.
  12. Now take the picture of its back – review, confirm, and continue.
  13. Show the bottom edge with photo side up – review, confirm, and continue.
  14. Now click the picture of you holding the photo document – review, confirm, and continue.
  15. Registration Process is now complete.

Generating Transaction:

After registration, please go through the following procedure to send a remittance using World Family Remit.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password and click on Login
  3. Fill Up the details: Required Details are
    1. Amount of remittance in JPY
    2. Name of Beneficiary in the alphabet
    3. Beneficiary country
    4. Method of receiving the money
    5. Relationship between Sender and Beneficiary
    6. Nature of Beneficiary
      • Individual
      • Legal person
    7. Purpose of Remittance
    8. Source of Fund
    9. Beneficiary Mobile Number
  4. Choose Payment partner bank of World Family Inc
  5. Confirm the transaction and submit

For Payment:

Proceed for the payment from the nearest JP Bank, Mizuho Bank, or SMBC that you selected above.


For more information contact :

Japan : +817013877409


Viber : +977- 3777737777

Toll Free No. : 1660-01-37777



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