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Digital wallets for the win

Every week, we have one of our customers sharing their story with us. This week, we bring you the story […]

Mr. Suyog Acharya’s 3 a.m. story

In today’s blog, we bring you one unique, yet, a relatable eSewa experience of one of our users. Mr. Suyog […]

eSewa became handy during emergency

Mr. Rohit Shrestha of Parasi, Chitwan moved to Kathmandu city with his brother for further studies. Currently, he is doing […]

बिल भुक्तानीका लागि विभिन्न कार्यालय धाउन नपर्ने – नवराज कुँवर

काठमाडौं का ३९ वर्षीय नवराज कुँवर भन्छन् उनले eSewa चलाउन थालेको देखेर साथीहरूले पनि eSewa चलाउन थाले। eSewa कहिले देखि चलाउनु […]

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