Rs. 3000 cashback in Mutual Fund Payment

It is our immense pleasure to announce that we are back with an exciting offer for Mutual Fund Payment Campaign i.e., “Poush Mahina, Cashback ko Mahina”. Pay the amount of your Mutual Fund Schemes/ Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Unit Purchase etc. by choosing eSewa on the website of your Capital Houses and 9 lucky eSewa users will get cashback up to Rs. 3000. The campaign will start from the 11th Poush 2080 and last till 29th Poush 2080, a total period of 19 days.

The Terms & Conditions for this campaign are as follows:

  1. The campaign will run from the 11th Poush 2080 to the 29th Poush 2080 for 19 days.
  2. There is no minimum or maximum payment amount limitation to participate in the campaign. Customers can pay their very own Mutual Fund amount.
  3. During this campaign, a total of 9 lucky winners will have the chance to win Up to Rs. 3000.
  4. Winners will be selected through a Lucky Draw process.
  5. Only those users who have had their KYC verification completed will be eligible for the cashback campaign.
  6. The employees of eSewa and F1Soft Group shall be deemed ineligible to win the prize of this offer.
  7. The Cashback amount received by the winner will be subject to a 25% Windfall Gain tax in compliance with Nepal’s regulations.
  8. The 9 lucky winners would be credited with the cashback amount in their eSewa wallet within 5 working days after the completion of the campaign.
  9. eSewa retains the right to modify, amend or cancel this offer at any time without prior notice. By participating in the campaign, users are acknowledging and accepting all the conditions.

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