Invite your Friends & Family and take a step towards Cashless Nepal

eSewa refer and earn together in making Digital Nepal

Who wouldn’t love to finish a work in a tap and move ahead with daily life? As a solution to the busy life schedule and ensure hassle-free payments, a platform with one-stop-solution had been established. The platform has been named as eSewa. A subsidiary company of F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd., officially established in 2009, eSewa has been recognized as the first online payment gateway in Nepal and has been licensed as Payment Service Provider (PSP) by Nepal Rastra Bank. Aligning with the government’s vision on digital Nepal, eSewa has been part of the initiative from the very beginning who aims to digitalize Nepal within 2020 A.D. One app comes with various payment solutions. Using eSewa, one can make smaller to bigger payments such as airtime mobile top-up, ISP, DTH, electricity bills, movie tickets, bank transfer, online shopping, and many more with promised security and a real-time based which as well serves an individual with cashbacks* on payments made.

With the world adopting advance technology in every field, digital payment gateway has been top-notch solution. The new generation is adopting and the older ones are as well keen on using the online services; however, lack of knowledge and awareness has led to deprived population on using the online services. Nonetheless, the rays of hope have been enlightened by eSewa with the initiation of ‘Refer & Earn’.

Refer & Earn:

The phrase says it all- Refer eSewa to your near and dear ones and earn the designated amount. Refer & Earn, an initiative by eSewa, is to enhance the beauty of online payment. eSewa took the initiation and introduced us to the digital world and now it’s a high time that we all contribute to this digital world. We all know that referral network is the strongest means; so why to limit the benefit to the ones who get referred? Therefore, with the feature “Refer & Earn”, the one who refers benefits along with the one who gets referred. With every referral invitation, one can earn.

Refer & Earn has been segregated in 3 parts as registration, load and make transaction where each step has value to offer. To start with the feature, one must sync the contact list to send each invitation. Referrer can earn up to Rs.30 from one referee and earns when the referee clicks on the respective link sent in the message box. The segregated income has been structured as:

  1. Sending the invitation to get registered in eSewa; acceptance of the invitation leads to income of Rs. 5.
  2. If the user is already a registered one, the invitation to load eSewa is sent; acceptance and loading eSewa with minimum of Rs.100 lead to Rs.10.
  3. If both of the above mentioned procedures have been made, the invitation to make transaction is sent; acceptance of the invitation and initiation of transaction lead to the income of Rs.15.

With the process as above, the referrer can earn up to Rs.30 from one referee. The said amount is directly accumulated in referrer’s account as soon as the referee completes the step. Hence, if one referrer sends invitation to 100 people, he/she shall earn total of Rs.3000.

This feature is available in Android and iPhone devices. Also, the referrer must be the user of eSewa.

Team eSewa is giving its best to teach all age group the use of online services with this initiation. As for the same, payment gateway, eSewa has been one-stop-solution in Nepalese market. With the use of eSewa, you just do not save your valuable time but also save additional expenditure. One very app serves you with your routine payments. Both online and offline based application is handy to all age groups (youngsters to senior citizens).

When payments are digitized, all transactions can be monitored for total sales and taxes and evasions, making transactions convenient and thereby generating more revenue for the government resulting in growth of the overall financial status of the country. Digitization of payments in a country where cash is the king is a huge step in overcoming the drawbacks of cash, while also offering a more seamless experience. With the ISPs taking steps to provide free Wifi in public places has become a flint, digital payments support to ignite the ongoing revolution.

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    1. Hello Sir, Please inbox us your eSewa ID in our viber number: 9868842121 and we will have our team look at your problems. Thank-you.

    1. Hello Sir,
      For referring eSewa, please make sure that your app is updated to our latest version v3.5.2.0.
      If your app is updated to our latest version, you will see “Refer & Earn” option in the menu bar at the bottom of your mobilephone. Tap it and select the person you want to refer to and press “Invite”. Lastly, tap “send invitation” to complete the process. Please see the following tutorial if you have anymore confusion:
      Refer & Earn tutorial

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