“What is the highest cashback in antivirus purchase from eSewa?” Viber quiz winner list

Winners of Viber Quiz Contest

The answer to our question of “What is the highest cashback in antivirus purchase from eSewa?” is 20% Bonus, and below, we have the list of winners from those who gave the correct answer.

Congratulations to each of the winners, and to those who didn’t win this one, don’t worry, we are coming with a new quiz on our Social Media platforms soon. The winners are as follows:

eSewa ID


986*****37 Rupa Pandey
986*****17 Ganga Shah sadi
986*****00 Sangita Khanal
981*****50 Sunil Chaudhary
982*****11 Amit Shah
985*****35 Diva Malla
986*****17 Madhusadan Parajuli
984*****60 Dornidhi Subedi
984*****40 Jhanak Kumar Khulal
981*****51 Sabita Agrawal
986*****16 Anjana Shahi
984*****39 Chet Mani Pokhrel
986*****452 Akshay Mohpal
981*****70 Aayush Bista
986*****83 Arun Adhikari
984*****61 Saurabh Gupta
986*****65 Jayshree Rathi
982*****36 Suraj Kumar Shah
984*****69 Nischal Baral
986*****587 Anusha Lamichhane

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  1. I think esewa only selected winners from their own perspective users..😓😓😓

  2. बिजय हुनु भएका सबै मित्रहरु लाई बधाई

  3. Malie Ahele samma kahelai kehi parexa Esewa bata. Not a single prize. Congratulations to winner👏👏

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