Viber Quiz August 8 Winner Announcement


The excitement of our users, and their enthusiastic participation never fails to amaze us. This time, the quiz conducted in eSewa Viber Community received over ten thousand participants. We would like to thank each and every participant for making this Viber Quiz a huge success.Your participation always encourages us to do better, and as such, we will be coming up with even more exciting offers soon.

The Winner of Rs. 2,500 in their eSewa wallet is:

Abhash Shrestha 98*****731

The Winner of Rs. 1,500 in their eSewa wallet is:

Kreepa Kafle 98*****214

The Winner of Rs. 500 in their eSewa wallet is:

Subin Gautam 98*****367

Additionally, 20 Lucky Winners who have won Rs. 100 in their eSewa wallet are:

Winners’ Name eSewa ID
Rambabu Sah 98*****528
Sudeep Poudel 98*****183
Sagar Pangeni 98*****631
Ghanshyam Bhagat 98*****011
Pradeep Karkee 98*****646
Shovit Dhakal 98*****284
Bidhya Shrestha 98*****964
Swapnil Sunar 98*****208
Deupa Rajbahak 98*****620
Abhinash Singh 98*****452
Rajesh Dangol 98*****313
Rahul Kumar Yadav 98*****244
Pradim Baniya 98*****105
Aakash Lakher 98*****190
Niraj Neupane 98*****641
Deepsana Shrestha 98*****305
Shankar Sigdel 98*****714
Subhadra Maka 98*****872
Babin Bhattarai 98*****381

Once again, thank you to each of our participants for making this contest successful.

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27 thoughts on “Viber Quiz August 8 Winner Announcement

  1. yo Shrestha vanne manxe kahile xutnu hudaina hai esewa ko quiz ma.
    malai ta doubt huna thalyo aba esewa mathi.

  2. Probably many of the people gives right answer, but how do they choose the winner. Setimes I feel like it’s totally fake and they are pretending that they have gave the winners prize. And please do post the answers also.

  3. Please provide the name of fourth last winner! I have similar number so without name I can’t confirm whether it’s mine or somebody else!

  4. Maile pani sahe answer deyeko thiye … khoi tara naam aayena …
    Maile socheko thiye win hunxu but k karan le bhayena

  5. Wrong always same people they are giving/ making there people first and they are taking own money they are fraud ,cheater.

  6. Esewa Please make new winners everytime. And please make this competition fair and trustful by going through live sessions on Facebook . Thank you!!!!!!

  7. खै त हाम्रो पालो आउदैन हजुर के के गर्नु पर्छ हो उपहार लिन जित्न मेरो रिवाड पोइन्ट नि 2000 पुग्न लागो कसरी आउँछ त्यास्मा पैसा लिन को लागि के के गर्नु पर्छ हजुर जानकारि पाउन है हजुर

  8. सबै भित्र भित्र सेटिङ छ के गर्ने? हाम्रो त मामा,भतिजा काका कोहि छैनन् क्यारे त्यसैले मलाई पर्दैन भन्ने ढुक्क छ।!!!!

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