Try eSewa Chatbot in Viber Today for Exciting Prizes!

We are thrilled to introduce two new features in eSewa Chatbot in collaboration with Viber: Topup and Send Money! You can now enjoy Topup service to any mobile number, or Send Money to your friends and family from eSewa Chatbot right inside the Viber app. Don’t forget to link your eSewa to your Viber account to enjoy these features. 

Adding to the excitement of introducing these new features, you can also get a chance to win various offers. On your first mobile Topup from eSewa Chatbot, you can enjoy 10% cashback (up to Rs. 100) while on sending money to another eSewa wallet, you can enjoy 5% cashback (up to Rs. 50). There’s more! One Lucky Winner from among the users who use our Topup and Send Money features in eSewa Chatbot will win a brand new Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone.

Ready to use eSewa Chatbot in Viber? Click Here (from mobile devices)

Topup/Send Money from eSewa Chatbot in Viber:

  1. Click Here or Search “eSewa” inside the Viber app and tap on the chatbot icon.
  2. Tap on Topup/Send Money.
  3. Enter Mobile Number/eSewa ID and Amount (and Purpose in case of Send Money) and “Proceed”.
  4. Enter the OTP received via SMS and “Confirm”.

Your transaction is now complete.

**Offer valid for KYC verified Users Only.

** Cashback Offer is valid till July 23, 2021 and is available on the first transaction of Mobile Topup and Send Money via eSewa chatbot on Viber.

Winner of Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone is Mr. Saroj Thapa

How to Link eSewa to Viber?

We update the ongoing offers on our social media platforms. Stay Tuned to our FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Viber Community for further updates.



  1. I want redmi note 10 because my online class had been
    Started .I don’t have mobile 📲 so give me🙏

  2. Only 1 smartphone no chance i am unlucky 😂 don’t try safe money😂😂😎😏😏

    1. Hello Sir,
      If you have done the mobile topup via Chatbot, the cashback will be updated within 1 business day and your eSewa must be a verified one. For any confusion or queries, please feel free to reach us on Facebook or Viber (+9771234512345).
      Thank you.

  3. When I try to send money through esewa it didn’t load for a while and stop loading although my internet connection is also better Whats the problem behind this any solution

    1. Hello Sir,
      Could you please co-ordinate with us on Facebook or Viber (+9771234512345) regarding the issue you had faced so that we can look into it and assist you?
      Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      The winner of the bumper prize will be announced after the offer ends on June 30, 2021.
      Thank you.

  4. Hello. I did top-up using Viber but I did not receive the cashback. Was it supposed to be before 30 May?

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      The offer is valid till June 30, 2021. The cashback will be updated within 1 business day.
      Thank you.

  5. Cashback is only for first topup on viber chatbox or also available on multiple topup

    1. Hello Sir,
      The cashback on mobile Topup and Send Money from Viber Chatbot is for the first time users only.
      Thank you.

  6. I have sent RS. 10 to my friend via Viber but I haven’t got 5% cashback (RS 0.5) .
    Is there any promo code?
    It’s fake news if my sending process is right

    1. Hello Sir,
      The cashback will be updated within 1 business day for the transaction made via Viber Chatbot.
      Thank you.

  7. This offer is now apply or not I send money 200 but not received 10 percent Cash back how can I do and how I received this Cash back..
    My account is verify

    1. Hello Sir,
      The offer is applicable till June 30, 2021. The cashback will be updated within 48 hours of the transaction made via Viber Chatbot.
      Thank you.

    1. Hello Sir,
      The offers are applicable for the first time transactions only.
      Thank you.

  8. hijo rs100 topup garda ni 1% cashback ayo aaja 100 garda ni 1% cashback aayo k ho yo schme haaiit 10% aaunu parney haina ra?

    1. Hello Sir,
      The cashback gets updated within 1 business day in transaction made via Viber Chatbot.
      Thank you.

  9. I sent amount esewa to esewa using viber but i couldn’t get 5% cashback feature why??

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