Story of a broken Bike

Prajwal Rijal, eSewa user

Most of us these days are aware of the digital wallets and use it to pay for our utility bills and top-up our mobile phones. But, online payments come in handy in so many ways than just top-up and Internet bill payments. 

Mr. Prajwal Rijal, currently working at Grande Hospital was on his way to work when suddenly, his bike broke down. Stressed, in the middle of the road, he looked around. Fortunately, he saw an auto-workshop nearby. With effort, he managed to take the bike to the workshop. But there he faced another problem: he didn’t have the cash to pay for his repairs. Moreover, as he travels through the same route every day, he knew the nearest ATM booth was also quite far. With these thoughts in mind, he looked around the shop and luckily his eyes fell on QR table-top. He immediately asked the shop owner if QR payments were accepted. The owner said he did, and thus he paid the repair charges via eSewa Scan to Pay. Beside this, he has been using eSewa since 2009 and uses the wallet for mobile top up, electricity and other utility payments. 

As a final remark, he says he would like to see eSewa’s Scan to Pay services in petroleum stations as well as in every grocery shops as Nepal is increasingly accepting digital payments and having QR at these little shops will ensure that people won’t face the hassle of having to pay cash somewhere while getting online payment facilities at other stores.

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