Sharing Life’s Effortless Experiences with eSewa

Effortless Experience with eSewa

Changes in daily life through adoption of new technology can simplify lifestyle. This is the case for our today’s featured customer. Ms. Aisha Maharjan, a resident of Lalitpur and an architect, describes how she installed eSewa and how it has become a part of her life, utilizing the full range of eSewa services for a more convenient lifestyle.

When we asked Ms. Aisha Maharjan how she found eSewa,“I remember going to the department store to buy a recharge card and one of my buddies quickly top up my number using eSewa. I inquired about app and services that I found valuable for me, and I downloaded the app on the same day two years ago.”

For the first few months, she only used eSewa for mobile top up, but after a few months, she began to use other services such as Internet Bill Payment, Movie Tickets, Travel Tickets, Online Shopping and Electricity Bill Payment. She added that now, wherever she goes, she can visit any shop without any cash because she can easily use Scan and Pay at any time.

She also said, “eSewa is one of the most trusted apps for me where I can get a variety of services and use them all in one app, resulting in less travel, faster bill payment at any time, and time savings with full satisfaction along with instant cashback offer.”

Finally, we asked her what changes or services she would like to see in eSewa.

She responded that while we are too late in our country to adopt new technology, we are still getting these things because entrepreneurial ventures like eSewa have come up with innovative ways to promote digital wallets. We are all aware of the difficulties we face when sending money to other countries. I’d like to see an easy way to send money to our neighboring country by scanning a QR code and transferring the money as easy as inside the country. 

We are always excited to hear how our users are benefitting from eSewa and are eager to know about what services our users want to see in eSewa in the future. Want to share your experiences with us? Tell us about it here.


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