Scholarship after SEE was my dream come true!

SEE Scholarship

“I still remember the excitement I felt when I just came out of the SEE examination hall. I knew I had done a great job, but deep down the thought about the hassle of applying for scholarships hit me hard. Getting a scholarship is really not an easy task. So, I started my scholarship hunt on the websites of different +2 colleges. Meanwhile, I saw a post on eSewa’s Facebook page and realized that you could apply directly from the app/web itself. Since I did not have citizenship at the time, I decided to apply through my brother’s eSewa account.

After a few weeks, my phone rang! Those words are still fresh in my mind: “Hello, Santosh Shah Sir, we’re glad to announce that you have been selected as a scholarship winner at Triton International College, Kathmandu”. Scholarship to the college of my choice! That was the dream come true moment for me. And, what more could I have asked for? I felt like the luckiest person when I received phone calls from both the college and eSewa. I strongly believe all deserving candidates across all fields of study should be given an opportunity similar to mine. 

My sincere thanks go out to eSewa for making scholarship applications so easy! Therefore, I hope eSewa would expand such opportunities across the country in the near future, not just in the capital city.”

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