School Fee payment system with eSewa

School fee payment with eSewa

The world is moving towards digitization every day. Everything is going digital whether it’s shopping, communication or education. Online classes have already gained popularity, and every school notices are shared either through Social Media or through school’s own website. Education Institutions are always thinking of ways to benefit their students and parents.

In addition to delivering online notices and communicating to parents easily through social media/ website, online school fee payment could be an additional facility provided for the benefits of parents/ guardians.

eSewa introduced digital fee payment system with its overall vision of crafting a cashless economy in mind. This digital technology adds value to educational institutes as well as Parents as it improves the fee payment experience. eSewa has already tied up with some of the leading institutions including St. Xavier’s College, Budhanilkantha School, Gyanodaya Balbatika School, CG education, and many more. Furthermore, we are eager to collaborate with more schools and colleges and improve the payment process.

Integrating eSewa as a payment gateway not only helps parents/guardians, but also helps the school management. Some of the features of eSewa online school fee payment are:


1. Instant Notification

For every successful fee payment completed, eSewa sends an email notification. This helps the school management keep track of the list of students whose bills are paid.

2. Customer Support

Our customer support is available 24/7, so it doesn’t matter if or when our school merchants encounter any problems, eSewa will be always available to help you solve them.

3. Real-time settlement

eSewa transactions are conducted in real-time. So, once a parent makes payment, the school will receive funds instantly in their eSewa account, effectively removing the waiting period for cheque settlements.

Schools and colleges gain various benefits on collaborating with eSewa. Some of the benefits include:

1. Record Keeping:

School fees payment done by eSewa users is all collected in a single unique account. Manual record keeping bears the hassle of indexing and requires a lot of time for searching a particular file in time of need. Similarly, even if the records are stored in a digital format in a computer, it possesses storage issues. In eSewa, all of the payment transactions are recorded and merchants can extract the records anytime they want hassle-free.

2. Increases Brand Value

Once a school/college is connected with eSewa, we will promote the school through eSewa platform, including our website, mobile application, and social media platforms. Furthermore, as eSewa is already a well-established brand, being associated with eSewa ultimately increases the school’s brand value.

3. Hassle free payment collection

eSewa has a massive network of 54 banks. Due to this, it doesn’t matter in which bank the parents have their personal account in; they can directly load the fund in eSewa and make fee payments. This enables all of the funds to be collected in a single merchant account, which can be easily withdrawn to the school’s bank account.

4. Reduction in Operation cost

As it happens several times, its time for monthly school fee collection and the parents’ crowd is such that the school needs to employ additional staffs just to handle the billing. Also, additional staffs need to be hired just to go to-and-fro between school and other different banks for cheque settlement. In this way, excessive additional costs are incurred during the fee collection time.
But, with eSewa integration, parents can directly pay the fees without visiting the school, drastically decreasing the footfalls and also, as mentioned earlier every penny gets collected in a single eSewa account cutting the hassle of visiting various banks for cheque settlement.

5. Better customer service

Customer retention is the most important part of any organization. For customer retention, customer service plays an important role. With eSewa, even the parents who stay far from school (such as outside valley parents of Budhanilkantha School’s students) can make hassle free payment. Also, by utilizing the “my payments” feature, they will be notified for the bill payment on time and so schools can collect timely payments. Providing online payment facility serves additional benefit that parents can pay even during holidays, making the fees collection process quicker.

6. A step further towards digitization

As stated earlier, digitization is taking over the world. It goes for the education system too, using slides, showing Youtube videos as examples in the classroom, online courses are just few of the examples towards digitization. Online fee payments could be the next step towards digitization.

Thus, associating eSewa as a school’s payment gateway not only helps parents and guardians, but also helps the school administration in revenue management, improving brand value, reducing operational cost and providing better customer service.

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