Saphal Adhikari: “I look for eSewa as a payment option for every online purchase”

Saphal Adhikari, eSewa User

Mr. Saphal Adhikari, co-founder at Explore Gadgets recently shared his eSewa experience with us. He says he has been using eSewa for the past 4 years. Like most of us, initially he registered to eSewa for making Internet bill payments.

After paying for Worldlink via eSewa for few times, he started trusting eSewa more and now uses eSewa for booking movie tickets, ordering food, and of course, making utility payments. Furthermore, he says that the “My payments” feature has helped him a lot. Now, he has all of his utility payments saved and gets reminders on time.

During our conversation, he shared one of his recent eSewa experience. He said, “Few days ago, I forgot my wallet inside my car. The parking lot was a little far, and I wanted to order food from Bhoj, I was thinking I would order the food and then run and get wallet from my car. But, on opening the app, I saw eSewa as a payment partner and I was so much relieved. Then, I directly paid from eSewa itself for the food. Now, I always look for eSewa as a payment option every time I order something online.”

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  1. Esewa is the best app for online pay.
    I am out of country, but I am using esewa of electricity bill, recharge card, airline and buss ticket, payment transfer etc.

    Thanks Esewa you are really doing great job and I am very satisfied with your services.

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