Samrat Kshetri: “eSewa became a boon for me”

Samrat kshetri, eSewa User

Mr. Samrat Kshetri started using eSewa almost 2 years back. Working as a teacher, his profession doesn’t leave him with much free time. Living a busy schedule, he makes full use of eSewa’s services. From Worldlink Internet payment to electricity, landline and other utility bills, he uses eSewa for various payments. Mostly, he recharges mobile phones with eSewa.

While in conversation, Mr. Kshetri shared one of his recent experiences. He shared, “In order to measure the mileage of my motorbike, I had decided not to refill fuel before the tank was empty”. He told us he decided to refill the tank after taking note of the mileage, but didn’t have any cash in hand. He remarked, “I rushed to ATM outlets for cash withdraw. Unfortunately, the ATM machine didn’t help me; the reason was due to network error.” This left him without a single penny to refill his fuel tank and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to reach his office on such low volume of petrol. He then said, “Meanwhile, I remembered eSewa and checked my balance. I found that I could refill at least 1 litre petrol from the amount I had in my eSewa wallet. I instantly refilled my tank and paid through scan and pay method of eSewa. As such, eSewa became a boon for me. Many thanks to eSewa and its fair services”.

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