Rishabh Sarawagi: eSewa is playing a vital role in boosting digitalization

Mr. Rishabh Sarawagi. eSewa User

Rishabh Sarawagi, of Biratnagar moved to Kathmandu for his studies. He is currently doing his MBA at Ace Institute of Management and is also working at a private firm during the daytime. With work as well as college, he said he was always late for making utility payments and was fined. Then, one day he installed eSewa, which helped him a lot. He says “After installing eSewa, I pay all my utility fees from eSewa itself. This saves a lot of my time and also doesn’t affect my schedule. Getting reward points is also an additional benefit”.

During our brief conversation, he mentioned using eSewa for mobile recharge, paying Internet bill, buying movie tickets, and flight tickets. Even though he is currently at Kathmandu, because of eSewa, he is able to make utility payments for his family back home at Biratnagar.

Lastly, he mentioned that he thinks eSewa is playing a vital role in boosting digitalization and moving our country towards a cashless society. According to him, “eSewa is now a bank; ATM Card; and every other thing that people can carry along with them, and do all the monetary transactions from one app. A big thank you to eSewa for its services and its contributions”.

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