Over 6 years of experience with digital wallets.

Yogesh Kaushik, eSewa user

There is no doubt that eSewa has advanced its services a lot compared to its starting days. But, there are only a few of us who can say that they have seen eSewa evolve since the beginning. One of these rare gems who have been supporting eSewa since the very beginning is Mr. Yogesh Kaushik. A resident of Maitidevi Kathmandu, he has been using eSewa since 2013.

While talking about his initial days of using eSewa, he talks about one of our oldest campaigns: Cash-on-ad. He remembers receiving money in his eSewa account after listening to each ringtone containing ad. From then, eSewa has come a long way adding up new services to its list like NEA, Top-up and now Scan to Pay. Now a days, he uses eSewa to pay his electricity bills, recharge mobile phone, internet bills, etc. He has also been using eSewa to Scan to Pay at various merchant stores with QR table-top. Working in a Remittance company himself, he seemed much aware about Nepal’s Fintech advancements.

Lastly, he says eSewa being a financial solution provider is a very sensitive business and should be able to control errors related with financial transactions.

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