Neela Sakha “eSewa: My savior in busy life”

It is no secret that today’s generation is all about “fast and convenient” services. In this sense, eSewa has helped many of our customers. Here, we present you a story from one of our customers:

“I started using eSewa back in 2016 when my friends suggested it was easier to recharge mobile phones through eSewa. After installing the application, I discovered I could do so much more. Being a Worldlink user, I was immediately drawn to Internet bills payment. It saved a lot of my time, which was previously spent on going-to and coming-from Worldlink centers.

eSewa also proved to be an asset to me for watching movies. Before eSewa, I had to reach an hour early to movie theatres to get the “booked” tickets. This was a tedious task for me as I live outside Kathmandu. So, having a medium to directly purchase tickets online freed me from the hassle.

After a few months of watching me use eSewa, my parents were inclined towards online payment and asked whether electricity payment was possible through eSewa. I said yes and showed them how it’s done. They registered to eSewa themselves and are very much happy with how quickly they can make utility payments.

Furthermore, when tootle came along, I was happy that we could load cash into tootle via eSewa. It has helped me many times when I was in shortage of cash-in-hand, yet needed to book a ride somewhere.”




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    1. Hey, Yes our eSewa app truly works. You can use it for mobile top-ups, utility payments, online ticketing and much more. Click eSewa for registration if you would like to try our services.

  1. Hi, Thank you so much for showing interest in our services. We are currently working on our subscription schemes. Please provide us your e-mail ID and we will surely inform you once our subscription scheme is live.

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