Ncell Data TikTok Challenge with eSewa!

Ncell Data TikTok

Good News for All The TikTokers! Due to the overwhelming love we have been receiving, we have extended the offer till 16th October 2020!

We have seen TikTok establish itself as a powerhouse platform for entertainment. Especially since lockdown, the hype for TikTok in Nepal has skyrocketed. We have seen creative artists, be it actors, dancers, comedians, vocalists, or others who come up with awesome pieces. For all the TikTokers out there, we are here with eSewa Presents Ncell Data TikTok challenge. 

“Ncell Data Pack eSewa मा,

TikTok बनाउँदा रू २०,००० जितिन्छ उपहारमा!”

As the quote suggests, all you have to do is upload a TikTok video in our soundtrack featuring Ncell Data Pack inside eSewa and you can get a chance to win Rs. 20,000! 

Besides the grand prize winner, 2 of you will get a chance to win Rs. 10,000 each, while 6 of you have a chance to win Rs. 5,000 each.

Ready to make a TikTok featuring Ncell Pack in eSewa?

Make sure to complete these points:

  1. Follow us on TikTok (@esewa_oficial).
  2. Upload a creative video on the soundtrack available in our TikTok account featuring Ncell Data Pack.
  3. Don’t forget to use #eSewaNcell hashtag.

Winners must have verified eSewa ID to be eligible for the prize money, so make sure you fill your KYC before the contest ends on October 7, 2020.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today:

We are launching further offers on our social media platforms soon, so check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber Community.



  1. Esewa is important that work best knownledg in like good work time to time competition data entry operator experience with time competition regards . balance sentence for esewa .

  2. In the case of hastage is in all small letter and if the video will be half that effect on our video to lose chance to win or not plz reply

    1. Hello Miss,
      The hashtags could be in all small letters. Regarding the length of the video, the full sound track must be used.
      Thank you for participating.

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