Must visit Stores before Scan To Pay offer runs out

Scan and Pay is one of eSewa’s services which helps users to make payment at our merchant stores easily by scanning the QR code table top available at their counters. Scan and Pay helps customers save time and make instant payments. It also makes splitting bills easy.

We have numerous merchants in various industries. We, along with some of our merchants are offering various deals. Some of them are:

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    Hot Breads: 5% Discount

One of the oldest bakery and confectionary stores of Nepal, Hot Breads is known for its delicious pastries. Currently, they are offering 5% discount on eSewa scan to pay.

  • Pacific Dockyard: 5% Cashback

Pacific Dockyard is perfect for food lovers craving to try new cuisines. This place offers sea-food along with other multi-cuisine dishes. Now, Dockyard is offering 5% Cashback to customers paying with eSewa Scan and Pay.

  • Dalle: 5% Cashback

Dalle has really lived up to their vision of serving food, which everyone could relate to with flair. Their dalle rice bowl and dalle mo:mo are famous among most youngsters. If you are planning to visit dalle, the good news is they are offering 5% Cashback for anyone paying through eSewa scan and pay.

  • Valley Xpress: 5% Cashback (The offer has ended)

Valley Xpress is serving crispy and delicious chicken to its customers from various outlets like Basantapur, Maharajgunj, Balaju and Chitwan. In addition to 50% discount every Friday, it is also offering 5% Cashback for every purchase made through eSewa scan and pay.

  • Attic Restaurant: 10% discount

Offering unique fusion of multi-cuisine dishes, Attic Restaurant is more than just an eatery. Live performances and a fun environment has made Attic one of the best restaurants to hang-out. Using eSewa Scan and Pay, customers now get 10% discount on their final bill amount.

  • Bajeko Sekuwa: 10% discount

One of the beloved restaurant chains in town, Bajeko sekuwa excels at serving delicious sekuwa and nepali cuisines. As of now, it is offering 10% discount to customers paying through Scan and Pay.

  • Bay Leaf Restaurant & Bar: 10% Discount

Serving multi-cuisine with an excellent view of Lakeside Pokhara, Bay Leaf Restaurant is providing 10% discount on eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Byanjan: 10% discount

Byanjan is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving variety of dishes from spicy Indian to sugary sweet desserts. For customers paying by eSewa Scan and Pay, they are offering 10% discount on the total bill amount.

  • Café Coffee Day (CCD): 10% Cashback

Café coffee day is definitely one of the beloved cafés inside Kathmandu valley. Great coffee, good food and a soothing environment, it is the perfect place to connect with your friends. With eSewa Scan and Pay, they are offering 10% Cashback to our customers.

  • Chicken Station Thamel: 10% cashback

Craving a delicious chicken rice bowl or some chicken nuggets? If so, then check out Chicken station Thamel and also enjoy 10% cashback on eSewa scan to pay.

  • Da Kings Lounge & Pub Pvt. Ltd.: 10% Discount

Perfect place to celebrate with your group of friends, visit Da Kings Lounge for any kind of celebration and enjoy 10% discount while using eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Dining Park: 10% discount

From coffee to bar, romantic candlelight dinner to grand business meetings, Dining Park caters to all. Situated at Baneshwor, it provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu City. Currently, they are offering 10% discount to anyone paying with eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Fuchhey Restaurant: 10% Discount

Fuchhey restaurant located at Putalisadak Kathmandu is also offering 10% discount on eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Jetho Budo: 10% Cashback

Jetho Budo is best known for its Thakali and its “Nepalipan” ambience. If you are ever strolling around Lakeside Pokhara, this would be the ideal place to enjoy some good Nepali cuisine. With eSewa Scan and Pay, Jetho Budo is providing 10% Cashback to its customers.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): 10% or max. Rs. 150 Cashback

KFC is most popular for its bucket of fried chicken. They opened their first outlet in Nepal in 2009 and ever since then, they have been serving their “Finger Lickin’ Good” chicken bucket. They are now offering 10% or maximum up to Rs. 150 Cashback for every payment made using eSewa scan to pay.

  • Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken (KKFC): 10% Cashback

“A place where food meets technology”, KKFC is the first restaurant to provide robot services in Nepal. eSewa customers can now enjoy 10% Cashback while using scan and pay services at KKFC.

  • Miniso: 10% Discount

For those who like using cute products, Miniso could be a preferrable choice. Additionally, on eSewa Scan to Pay, Miniso is offering 10% discount.

  • Peepalbot: 10% Cashback

Whether its cold coffee you are craving, or tasty Korean chicken, Peepalbot is a perfect place to have a good time with your friends and family. Visit them now and enjoy 10% Cashback on using eSewa Scan and Pay.

  • Pizza Hut: 10% Cashback

One of the most famous pizza chains around the world, pizza hut has been serving Nepalese customers for a few years now. In addition to signature pizzas, they offer mouth-watering appetizers, pastas and beverages. eSewa users can now enjoy 10% Cashback on using scan and pay while paying at this restaurant.

  • Detox Cafe: 15% Discount

Healthy food can’t be tasty, or can it? Visit Detox Cafe and enjoy a healthy meal that is tasty as well. Scan to Pay using eSewa and get 15% discount on the bill.

  • Red Mud: 10% Cashback, 15 % Discount on Birthday celebration

“Every revolution starts in a coffee shop”. If you are searching for a quiet place where you can brainstorm your newest business idea, or even to spend a quality time with your friends, then Red Mud is definitely the place for you. With eSewa Scan and Pay, they are now offering 10% Cashback. If it’s a birthday celebration, they are offering 15% discount.

  • Summit River Lodge: 11% cashback

A perfect weekend getaway for enjoying the nature, Summit river lodge located at Kurintar is offering 11% cashback on eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Calm Restaurant: 15% Discount

One of the perfect combination of a soothing environment and great food, calm restaurant is offering 15% discount on eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Bota Simply Momo: 20% Discount

Providing variety of momo like open mo:mo, sadheko mo:mo, etc., Bota is offering 20% discount on eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Kaapa Creation: 20% Discount

In need for some beautiful home decor products? Visit Kaapa Creations, Kupondole and enjoy 20% discount on eSewa Scan to Pay.

  • Kathmandu Fun Valley: Rs. 200 Discount

With cool water slides, massive swimming pool and entertainments like rain dance, Kathmandu Fun Valley is one of the most popular water park inside Kathmandu Valley. On eSewa Scan to Pay, they are offering Rs. 200 Discount.

  • Pepe Pizza: 25% Discount

Known best for its chicken lover pizza, pepe pizza is offering 25% discount to customers using eSewa scan to pay.

  • Tranquility Spa: 40% Discount

Tranquility Spa offer various oil massage, facial, body massage, nail art and other services. Currently, they are offering 40% discount in all of their services for using eSewa Scan to Pay.

Besides these, eSewa Scan To Pay is available at various retail stores, pharmacy, grocery shops, fuel centers and other businesses both inside and outside valley, where users can enjoy various discounts or Cashback offers.

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