Mr. Sudip Kc saving time using eSewa

sudip kc, eSewa user

Sometimes, we own a thing for a while before realizing it’s true value. Such is the case of our today’s story. Mr. Sudip Chhetri of Pokhara had eSewa installed in his phone for two years, but he says he never really used it until a few months ago. 

This got us interested, and we asked why he waited so long. He answered that people didn’t trust online payments much in the earlier days, so, he hesitated to use them as well. But now, more and more people are using it, including his friends. In fact, he decided to finally give eSewa a try after he saw plenty of people use it as well as recommend him to use it.

At last, he said since the time he started using eSewa, he is happy that he can save much of his time previously spent on utility payments.

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