Laxmi Budhathoki: “eSewa has proved to be an asset to me”

Laxmi Budathoki, eSewa user

It hasn’t been long since I started using eSewa but it has been the most convenient and fastest means of technology for me. Previously, it was kind of bothersome for me to pay the electricity bill, water bill, and Internet bill, as well as recharge my phone, as I had to travel to different places to make the payments.

I remember the day when I had deadline approaching for the NEA bill payment; of course like everyone else, I was worried about not getting the rebate. At the mean time, when I discussed about my issue with my cousins, they recommended me to use eSewa and explained to me how it would benefit me.

True that, it has benefited me in lots of ways. After I started using eSewa, I no longer need to run around different places to make the payments. Being at home or anywhere, I can now easily pay my bills with eSewa. I am glad to use the range of services it provides as it makes the busy life hassle free. It has saved my time as well as nerve wrecking travelling routine to make the payments. eSewa has proved to be an asset to me.

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