Implementing the learning in upliftment of the society

“Giving back to society is what we yearn for.”

One of the very few young enthusiasts enduring to have the society a prosperous and educated one is Mr. Manoj MC. Microbiology graduate from St. Xavier’s, Mr. MC longs to change the perspective of education in his hometown. Often criticized and defamed for the good work he is doing, with the support of his family, his strong will power and the support from his dear ones, he is on his mission to have an educated society and wants to have Surkhet known to a mass for good reasons. Mr. MC first started using eSewa when he was a coordinator for the Alumni dinner program of St. Xavier’s. eSewa was then used in the collection of registration fees for the dinner program. After that, he started using eSewa for every of his payments be it household payments or others.

He must be one of the lucky people as he is pursuing his dreams and has been achieving them overcoming the obstacles on his way. Mr. MC is tech-savvy but not the same with owning the vehicle. Therefore, will be passing down the motorbike won in “उत्सवको बहार हप्तै पिच्छे उपहार” to his brother for good use. Currently a coordinator at Surkhet Horizon Academy, Mr. MC is change-oriented and is working for the upliftment of the educational sector in his hometown. Being tech-savvy and change-oriented, as a coordinator and a focal point of Surkhet Horizon Academy, he has also successfully installed eSewa as a payment gateway in the college for fees collection.

During lockdown eSewa as for all, proved to be a helpful tool for Mr. MC as well. For the same reason, he even taught the process to use eSewa to his dear ones and helped them make utility payments, recharge their mobile phones, etc. with the initial investment of his own. Hence, in the right manner, Mr. MC is a social entrepreneur implementing the knowledge gained to uplift and make the society prosperous where he was born and brought up.

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