eSewa TikTok Challenge

eSewa TikTok Challenge
  • eSewa TikTok Challenge

TikTok has become one of the favorite places to be creative and showcase one’s talent. By featuring personal sound or via sounds available in TikTok itself, one presents mimicry, lip-sync, dance, or any other entertaining acts. People from every generation are attracted to the app and are eagerly making videos and utilizing their free time. As the app gains popularity, it has become one of the major platforms, where individuals, as well as brands, can indulge themselves in entertainment as well as promotional purposes.

Following the increasing popularity of TikTok, we, eSewa bring you “eSewa TikTok Challenge“. All you have to do is show the use of eSewa’s Scan to Pay services. 13 users with the highest video likes will be chosen as the winners.

To participate in this offer; one must abide by the terms and conditions as below:

  1. Users can feature any services of eSewa.
  2. Users can be creative on their own or use the dialogues available in TikTok.
  3. Some dialogues as follows can be used:
    1. ट्याक्क मोबाईल निकाल्यो, स्वाट्ट पैसा तिर्यो । न पैसा हराउने डर न खुद्राको झन्झट् ।
    2. ल है साथीहरु बिल तिर्दा eSewa QR बाट तिरौँ, क्यासब्याक पनि पाइने, बिल पनि सजिलै split गर्न मिल्ने ।
    3. Cash तिरी pay गर्ने झन्झट् किन गर्ने जब eSewa QR छँदै छ, छिटो र छरितो ।
  4. Use of hastags #eSewaTikTokChallenge #eSewaScantoPay #eSewa is essential in the video and mention and/or follow eSewa’s official TikTok page @esewa_official.
  5. Videos with the highest likes will be chosen as the winners.
  6. The winners will get cash prizes as below:
    1. Winner: Rs.30,000
    2. Runner-up * 2 : Rs.10,000 each
    3. Runner-up * 10 : Rs.5,000 each.

Note: With the overwhelming participation in eSewa TikTok Challenge and considering the number of requests we have received, we have now extended our eSewa TikTok Challenge for 3 more days. Participation is open till the New Year’s Day, 2077. Show us your TikTok Skills and stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes. Also, follow us on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts for the latest updates.

To find out the winner list, click here.

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