eSewa introduces utility bill payment solution for apartments in Nepal

eSewa introduces utility bill payment solution for apartments in Nepal

We are happy to announce utility bill payment service for apartments in eSewa’s platform. Earlier, monthly bill payment for services like water and electricity was a hassle for apartment owners. Similarly, the collection and record-keeping of bills was also time-consuming for apartment and housing societies. With this apartment bill payment service, we aim to simplify bill payments for apartment residents as well as the management. Now, apartment owners can pay their utility bills directly from eSewa whereas the apartment management can automate the billing, dispatch, and collection process of monthly due payment.

With a mission to digitize all financial transactions, eSewa has established itself as a one-stop payment solution for various services since its inception. The ease that comes from online payment has attracted millions of customers to choose eSewa for their monthly bill payment.

As of now, eSewa has been providing online payment collection for more than 100 khanepani committees spreading across the country. In addition to the khanepani bill payment, eSewa is also the most preferred choice for electricity (NEA) bill payment. In the eleven years’ journey, eSewa has emerged as the largest player in the mobile payment industry, which has been trusted by more than 3.5 million customers and 80 thousand agent network.

We want to extend that expertise from utility payment to facilitate the monthly due collection for apartment welfare societies by integrating our billing software.

eSewa not only offers an online payment mechanism but also supports institutions and businesses with infrastructures required to facilitate online payment. We integrate apartment billing solution, enabling apartment welfare society to automate the billing, dispatch, and collection process of monthly due payment. For this, we provide you two tools:

  1. Appay – Billing Software
  2. Metermark – meter reading app


What is Appay Billing Software?

Designed and developed by Diyalo technology, Appay is a complete package of billing, accounting management and online payment for apartments. Diyalo technology is an established name in the field of utility billing solution, which has been implemented at 100+ Khanepani Sansthans and 40+ petrol pumps across the country.

Some of the other features of the apartment billing solution are:

1. Customer (Apartment Owner) Creation/Modification/Search

2. Customized tariff setup for electricity and other bill heading

3. Apartment ownership transfer

4. Keeping the expense record incurred for managing the apartment

5. Cloud-based storage of billing and accounting information such that any breakdown of computers won’t erase the data and can be accessed safely

6. Real-time payment settlement, which allows the apartment welfare society to instantly realize the receipt of payment, which then can be directly transferred to the designated bank account

What is Metermark – meter reading app?

The apartment billing solution, Appay, comes with an android application, Metermark. This app is developed to read and record the apartment owner’s sub-meter reading. With Metermark, the meter reader no longer has to carry the paper for recording the unit’s electricity consumption level.

Process to operate the Metermark:

1. Launch the Metermark app and select the block

2. Select the apartment owner from the list displayed

3. Update the current consumption unit and the system will automatically calculate the due amount

As Metermark is seamlessly integrated with the billing system, all the readings can be instantly synced with the system after which apartment owners can make inquiries and/or make payments at any time.

For Instant billing, meter readers can use a thermal Bluetooth printer, which prints bill from the command received from the phone.


What are the benefits of this Apartment Bill Payment System for apartment management?

  1. Process Automation

With a new billing system in place, management can avoid the physical distribution of the monthly due notice to the apartment owners. Once the due amount is updated in the system, apartment owners can fetch their monthly bill payments online. The payment status, once completed, by the owners is automatically updated in the system.

  1. Cloud-Based Storage

All the billing details are safely stored in the cloud such that it can be accessed by the key personnel from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Delay Charge/Rebate

The system can be reconfigured to adjust the charges for delayed payment or cash rebate for early payment. Once the rule is defined, the system does the rest.

What are the benefits of the Apartment Bill Payment system for apartment owners?

  1. My Payment 

With My Payment features, apartment owners should not have to wait for the monthly receipt to pay the due amount.

  1. Reminder

Apartment owners can set the payment reminder to avoid delay charges or enjoy the benefits of rebate that comes with early payment.

How to pay apartment bill from eSewa?

You can pay your apartment bills within a few taps on your smartphone screen. Please follow this process for bill payment:

1. Open eSewa app and tap the Apartment icon in the Utility Bill Payment section.

2. Select the Apartment from the drop-down menu. Provide your House Unit No. and other details as necessary and Tap “Proceed“.

3. App will display the details of your monthly due amount. Tap “Confirm” to make the payment.

We are in the process for collaboration with all major apartments across Nepal to facilitate this service.

Are you interested in setting up this Apartment Bill Payment System from eSewa at your apartment? Please fill up this form: Immediately upon receiving your request, our representatives will contact and guide you thoroughly for setting up the bill payment system at your apartment.

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