Customer Service: The most crucial part of any business.

user of eSewa, Prabitra Shrestha

Customer service is an essential part of any business that has a huge influence on a buyer’s repurchasing decision. Like physical stores, the case is true in the online world as well. We tend to order goods repeatedly from those who respond to our queries well. As such, at eSewa, serving customers is our top priority. Today, we have a story of one of our users who stuck with eSewa solely because of our customer service.

Ms. Prabita Shrestha, a resident of Kathmandu heard about eSewa around 2 years back and had downloaded it on her phone. She says, “I wasn’t using eSewa much, but then, I lost my phone.” After getting a new phone, she once again downloaded eSewa. But, by that time she had already forgotten her password. In order to get her account access back, she decided to contact eSewa. Recounting the incident, she says, “I messaged in eSewa’s Viber number and to better understand the issue, we shifted the conversation to call”. There, she says “The customer service representatives were so polite. I was mistaking my name for my eSewa ID and when they asked for my eSewa ID, I kept repeating my name. They explained to me that eSewa ID was, in fact, my mobile number and helped me reset my password. Since I didn’t have a huge amount in eSewa wallet, I was afraid the customer service wouldn’t respond to my problem, but, I received such a good treatment that I have started using eSewa regularly since then”.

As a journalist, she currently uses eSewa mostly for mobile topup. She also regularly uses eSewa’s bank transfer services and ends by saying “All of eSewa’s services are very good, as a working student though, I would have preferred if the bank transfer charges were less”.

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