100% Cashback in Airlines Ticketing

100% Cashback in Airlines Ticketing

For instant travel and getting our work done, we opt for airlines ticketing. Gone are the days to ask others for favor to get the air tickets for you. Get the tickets easily from eSewa app and enjoy heavy cashback and reward points. Along with easy ticketing, we are here again with the banging offer in airlines ticketing to all our users on all the routes. While you get instant flights for your travel plans, three (3) people everyday have a chance to enjoy 100% cashback (up to Rs. 3,000).

To be eligible for the offer, users are bound to abide by the below mentioned terms and conditions:

  1.  The offer is valid for KYC verified users only.  
  2.  The offer is valid for domestic airlines ticketing from 22nd April 2021 till 14th May 2021.
  3.  The offer is valid for airlines ticketing on all routes.
  4. The cashback is levied to only one airlines ticket if multiple tickets have been purchased.
  5.  Three winners will be selected via lucky draw everyday.
  6.  Winners will be announced via eSewa’s official social media handles.
  7.  eSewa reserves the right to review and/or cancel the offer in case of suspicious activity and event beyond its control.
  8.  eSewa reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any user that does not meet the criteria for the offered product or geographic area it deems fit.
  9. eSewa reserves the right at all times to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this promotional event or cancel it with immediate effect without giving any prior notice to any party.
  10. The prize won through this offer is non-transferable.
  11. 25% will be deducted as the TDS on win-fall gain from the total prize amount.

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  1. मैले नबुजेको कुरा , मैले टिकट अरुको काट्दा मलाई नै cash back हुने हो कि अनि आज मैले टिकट काटे मलाई कहिलेसम्म To be eligible for the offer मा राख्ने हो कृपया बताई दिनुहोला .

    1. नमस्कार सर,
      जुन इसेवा खाताबाट टिकट काटिएको हो सोही खातामा क्यासब्याक आउने हो । योजना अवधिभर टिकट लिदा यस अफरका लागि योग्य हुनुहुनेछ ।
      केहि जानकारी वा जिज्ञासा भएमा हामीलाई फेसबूक वा Viber (+९७७१२३४५१२३४५) मा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ ।

    1. Hello Sir,
      To purchase the airline ticket from eSewa, login to eSewa, click on ‘Airlines’ icon on the eSewa homepage, insert the details and make the payment. For any confusion or queries, please feel free to reach us on Facebook or Viber (+9771234512345).
      Thank you.

    1. Hello Sir,
      If you have a mobile number registered in Nepal and the number is working actively, you can register with the same number through eSewa app available in Playstore or App store or via website (www.esewa.com.np). For any confusion or queries, please feel free to reach us on Facebook or Viber (+9771234512345).
      Thank you.

  2. खै कसरी join हुने हो मैले हिजो bir to ktm को 2 वटा टिकेट काटेको, कसरी सहभागी हुने हो ।

    1. नमस्कार सर,
      तपाईंले हवाई टिकट लिना साथ यस अफरमा पर्नु हुनेछ । ३ जना विजेता भने हाम्रो फेसबूक र Instagram को Story मा पोस्ट हुनेछ ।
      केहि जिज्ञासा वा जानकारी चाहिएमा हामीलाई फेसबूक वा Viber (+९७७ १२३४५१२३४५) मा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ ।

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