Nepal-Malaysia First Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer Service

eSewa Money Transfer has successfully expanded its business in Malaysia as well in partnership with Valyou. With this, eSewa Money Transfer has pioneered the first international wallet transfer service between Malaysia and Nepal. While this remittance service mostly focuses on Wallet-to-wallet transfer between the two countries, “Instant Bank Deposit” and “Cash Pickup” services are available as well.

Amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic, digitization of the remittance industry has become a much-needed facility in the context of Nepal. The partnership of eSewa Money Transfer with Valyou has made this possible and now Nepalese can receive money from Malaysia right in their eSewa wallet, or their bank account.

Introducing the service, Mr. Ajesh Koirala, Managing Director of eSewa Money Transfer stated,

“We expect this service to be especially useful at the present when most of the shops are closed, and people are encouraged to stay inside their home as much as they can. This is only our small initiation in serving the Nepalese residing here, and in abroad to enjoy remittance service in an easy and affordable manner. We have already established a partnership in Malaysia, and in Japan, and hope to expand our services to other countries soon”.

eSewa Money Transfer is a remittance service based in Nepal, thriving to provide easily accessible and affordable remittance service to hard-working Nepalese and their families. Now the next time you are trying to receive money from your relatives/friends in Malaysia, just ask them to use their Value app and receive money directly in your eSewa app or bank account.

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55 thoughts on “Nepal-Malaysia First Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer Service

  1. Good Service, should we can transfer money from India or send money to Indian account.

  2. Congratulations to Esewa team to achieved and give it to the esewa service users….

  3. Good Job Esewa team it’s a revolutionary step in term of international money transfer, I hope Saudi Arabia will be included in your list so that we can avail this facility.

  4. But Valyou app only used aanoride user not a iOS user so how can I USe this app

  5. Well.. Its a good news…
    When will we get news about India too..
    As our neighbour country.. We have a lot of people seeking service..

  6. Western Union बाट आएको पैसा इसेवा मा प्राप्त गर्न सकिदैंन अहिले? पहिला त थियो।।

  7. If some one sends in others name how can we receive in our wallet.
    What is the limit.

  8. 1. How much does it cost though to transfer from Malaysia to Nepal?
    2. And how is the exchange rate like?
    3. Let’s say if the receiver wants to withdraw the money via atm, what are the charges?
    4. What are other hidden charges that a potential customer need to take into account?
    Would appreciate your response.

  9. Deraii ramro App. ani yo laii aajaii strong banauuna Malesiya ta vaii halyo esstaii gri Dubai Qatar Kuwait Saudi bata pani used garrnu pauunu parryo Ani. One more thing. Gaming Pubg ma UC free fire ma diamond kina milos from this app please.. Thank you.!

  10. Very good service of eSewa Money transfer, Best of luck eSewa team

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