Introducing eSewa Money Transfer for easy, secured remittance

Introducing eSewa Money Transfer for easy, secured remittance

Nepal is one of the top 20 highest receivers of remittance in the world. In 2018 alone, Nepalese people working abroad sent $ 8.1 billion (Source: World Bank, 2019) through various banks and money transfer. Remittance is contributing a significant amount to Nepal’s GDP. Yet, we can feel a gap in the number of remittance service providers available in Nepal.

Tapping on this gap, F1Soft has now come up with its latest product eSewa Money Transfer. The objective of introducing eSewa Money Transfer is to provide digital-based remittance services through an innovative wallet pickup system. eSewa Money Transfer will enable all of our hard-working Nepalese to send their earnings back home in an easy and affordable manner. F1Soft’s product eSewa has already made an impact in the online payment service industry of Nepal, and we expect to make a similar impact in the remittance industry through eSewa Money Transfer. In a short span of time, we have been able to establish 2500+ payout agents throughout the country who will be providing international money transfer services to our customers. Building on the legacy of eSewa, eSewa Money Transfer will be leveraging the eSewa’s vast agent and customer base.


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10 thoughts on “Introducing eSewa Money Transfer for easy, secured remittance

  1. कुनै पनि बैंक काे पैसा रिसिपगरन मिलछ सर ईसेवा रेमिटान्स मा

  2. ke remitance na bhayako agent pani
    Esewa money transfer ko agent Banna sakxa ra

    1. Hello Sir,
      Your business needs to be registered with “Remit” services in order to become eSewa Remit’s agent.
      Thank you.

  3. E-sewa Money Transfer officially lunched and can now send/pay money all over the country who have access?

    1. Yes Sir, For now, you can even get remittance services from Japan.
      Thank you.

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