Everything you need to know about “eSewa Week”

Want to enjoy exclusive offers, Kingsize Surprises?
Recharge, Pay Bills Using your eSewa app this week!

Are you curious about what exactly is eSewa Week? What can you win? What do you have to do to win? If Yes, today, we present you the ultimate guide to eSewa week.

Starting from June 1, we will be posting our “Service of the day” on our social media platforms. All you have to do to participate is make your payment for the service of the day. On the next day, we will be announcing 10 lucky winners from among the bill payers and they will be receiving Promo code as a prize which they can apply in their next transaction to enjoy 100% cashback up to Rs. 500. 

“Service of the day” is going to be:

Day 1: Mobile Topup

Day 2: Internet Bill Payment

Day 3: Cable TV Bill Payment

Day 4: Khanepani Bill Payment

Day 5: Electricity Bill Payment

For instance, June 1 is Topup day, so if you recharge any mobile number using eSewa in 1st June, you will be eligible for the offer. On June 2, we will be announcing 10 lucky winners from the list of users who did mobile recharge on 1st June and those 10 users will get our first Promo Code gift which they can use in their next bill payment (except Topup, i.e. either TV, ISP, NEA or Khanepani) and get 100% cashback up to Rs. 500.

Need to know how to use promo code? Click here

Few points to keep in mind regarding the offer:

  • Only verified winners will have a chance to win this offer, so if you haven’t verified your KYC yet, do it today!
  • Transaction amount must be Rs. 100 or more.
  • The validity of the promo code gift will be 7 days from the day of promo code received by the winners.
  • Transaction for “service of the day” will be valid for 24 hours from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. of the same day.
    (e.g. Topup transaction starting from 1st June 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. will be considered for June 1)
  • Cashback will be credited within 24 hours.
  • eSewa reserves the right to review and/or cancel the offer in case of suspicious activity and event beyond its control. 
  • eSewa reserves the right at all times to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this promotional event or cancel it with immediate effect without giving any prior notice to any party.
  • The prize won through this offer is non-transferable.

Looking to fill the KYC account? Click here.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today: bit.ly/eSewa_App

We update the ongoing offers on our social media platforms. Stay Tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber Community for further updates.

102 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about “eSewa Week”

  1. हरेक दिन फरक फरक किसिमको transaction गर्नुपर्छ कि
    जुनसुकै दिन जुनसुकै transaction गरेपनी हुन्छ?

    1. नमस्ते सर,
      यो अफरमा हरेक दिन फरक फरक सेवाको बिल भुक्तानी पर्दछ । आज जुन ३ गतेका लागि टि.भी को बिल भुक्तानी भोलिको लागि खानेपानी र पर्सिको लागि बिजुलीको बिल भुक्तानी गर्नुपर्नेछ ।

  2. I just love it
    Hope this service will allow in everywhere
    Hotel, cinema and petroleum etc

  3. There are awesome service and offers on this app
    I love this app
    This app has even a quiz to get a chance to win prize money
    Thanks for all that esewa team

  4. The prize won through this offer is non-transferable.

    What does this mean??

    1. Hello Sir,
      The prize being non-transferrable indicates that in case you are the winner, you can use the promo code in your eSewa ID, but, the promo code will not be valid in any other nonwinner’s eSewa ID.
      Thank you.

  5. Great service and offer but I am selected for any campaign bit still trying let when I will selected

    1. Hello Sir,
      Please install eSewa app in your mobile phone and try to register with your mobile number. In case of any issues, please contact us in our Facebook messenger or Viber us at +9771234512345.
      Thank you.

  6. eSewa lunch very well exclusive offers this 1st week, topup, NEA, Khanepani, internet bill and TV payments
    Thanks, eSewa team

    1. Hello Sir,
      Winners will be provided with the promo code from push notification, which they can later view in their notification tab.
      Thank you.

  7. If I paid internet bill today! I will get promo code tomorrow.. But validity of promo code is just 7 days? That promo code can be only again used for internet bill or topup too? If only internet bill it’s just waste.. We will not pay for internet bill again after 7 days na?

    1. Hello Sir,
      The validity of promo code is 7 days. If you are the winner of Topup day, then you can use the promo code for NEA, Khanepani, Internet, or TV bill payment. For any further queries, please feel free to contact us in our Facebook messenger or Viber us at +9771234512345.
      Thank you.

  8. I am not able to update my KYC. It only says error occur any suggestions to update KYC.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Please inbox us your eSewa ID in our Facebook messenger or Viber us at +9771234512345 and our representatives will help you solve the issue.
      Thank you.

  9. Best app of nepal i love esawa wallet because it is important part of life today

    1. Hello Sir,
      The promo code will be valid for 1 week from the date of that winners received the promo code.
      Thank you.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to inform you that if I will load fund through mobile banking it will take charge or not.

    Please update me
    Thank you

    1. Hello Sir,
      There are no charges while loading funds to eSewa from mobile banking/ internet banking.
      Thank you.

  11. This application will be beneficial for many public to survive in this critical condition.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Yes, the payment should be made day-wise to be eligible for this offer.
      Thank you.

  12. Sorry for this comment, it’s not related to this service but it’s most important. When we Transfer money eSewa to eSewa, even there’s not registered eSewa ID the money is Transferred. This is huge mistake of eSewa in my point of view. So please correct this mistake.

  13. बिजेता भएर प्राप्त भएको promo code लाई
    एक हप्ता भित्र आफ्नो इच्छा अनुसारको कुनै एउटा payment मा प्रयोग गर्न पाइन्छ कि अब गरिने transaction मा अनिवार्य रूपमा प्रयोग गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ?

  14. I always payment ,monthly electricity cost , TV Recharge ,Mobil recharge , internet cost etc paid through e -sewa account .i like this service more easy to do all transaction by this walet.
    Thank all e-sewa team.

  15. Esewa online game खेल नी पर्त्योगित गराउन पर्ने हो।

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