Empowering eSewa QR Merchants with eSpeaker for Voice-assisted Transaction Details

In the verge of changing lives through evolution in the easy and digitally moved financial world, eSewa has once again revolutionized the Nepali financial sector with an eSpeaker for voice-assisted transaction details.

Prior to this, customers and businesses had to face problems like the inability to instantly confirm the completion of QR payments, delayed SMS messages of transactions, and the unavailability of associated mobile numbers during transactions.

eSpeaker is an audio alert device that provides instant audio notification upon successful completion of QR payments by merchants. This gives eSewa’s QR Merchants a more convenient, dependable and practical way to validate the receipt of payments. It aims to reduce the barrier in transaction validation by making it simpler for them to maintain track of payments.

Elevating the eSewa QR merchant experience, eSpeaker is a superhero that eliminates the need for constant phone-checking to verify customer payments. Customers and merchants can now say goodbye to reliance on transaction screenshots for validation. Moreover, this enhancement ensures swift audio notifications, reinforcing security measures against the backdrop of growing digital transaction threats.

Therefore, eSewa’s eSpeaker simplifies the Nepali financial sector with voice-assisted transaction details, eliminating the need for visual verification, and marking a notable innovation in the digital financial landscape.

All eSewa QR Merchants can order this superhero device easily from the eSewa App or the Web. All you have to do is log in to your eSewa, go to New Services and fill out the eSpeaker Request Form. Bookings open from the 1st of Kartik, 2023. Once the request is completed and approved, it will be shipped to your location after the 4th of Mangsir, anywhere inside Nepal.

To place a pre-order, please fill the form here

This supremely engineered technical device has a broad warranty period of 12 months and can be operated with both GSM mode and WiFi Connection.

Join the eSewa revolution! Get your eSpeaker now for a smoother merchant experience. Simplify transactions, enhance security. Order via the eSewa App or Web.

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