eSpeaker Terms and Conditions

eSpeaker Terms & Conditions

By applying for the eSpeaker, the requester (“Merchant”) agrees to the following terms & conditions of eSewa Pvt. Ltd (“eSewa”):

  1. eSewa has the right to accept or reject the eSpeaker Request if it doesn’t align with eSewa’s rules, regulations, guidelines and policies. In the instance that eSewa rejects the request, the order amount shall be refunded based on eSpeaker Management Manual.
  2. Refund, repair, replacement, and cancellation of the eSpeaker device and service shall be as per the respective provisions set by eSewa under eSpeaker Management Manual which shall be provided upon the Merchant’s request.
  3. eSewa reserves the right to modify, discontinue, and/or remove any term and condition, including features, offers, and pricing, temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion, at any time, without liability and the Merchant shall be notified of any significant changes.
  4. The Merchant shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements related to the use of eSpeaker services.
  5. eSpeaker once sold, shall not be returned under any circumstances.
  6. The eSpeaker services will be provided based on the selected package, and any changes or upgrades may be subject to additional charges.
  7. eSewa may require the Merchant to participate in various promotional activities and surveys from time to time which eSewa may publish in any media and the Merchant shall grant their consent for such requirements.
  8. The Merchant shall provide only true and correct information while making the eSpeaker Request. The eSpeaker Request shall be rejected and the Merchant shall be liable for legal action as per the law of the land if any information provided in the registration form is found to be wrong or misleading or if they are found to be engaged in illegal activities.

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