इसेवाबाट Meroshare वा Demat खाताको नविकरण गर्दा स्मार्टफोन जित्ने मौका!

इसेवाबाट Meroshare वा Demat खाताको नविकरण गर्दा पाउनुहोस् हरेक हप्ता १ जना (जम्मा ४ जना) ले Realme 10 स्मार्टफोन जित्ने मौका!
अफर अवधि: असार ३-श्रावण ३, २०८०
अफरका सर्तहरू (T&C) यसप्रकार रहेका छन्:
-There is no minimum amount and count limitation to participate in the campaign. Customers can perform transaction of any amount, they want.
-During this time, a total of 4 lucky winners will have the chance to win a Realme10 smartphone, with one winner announced at the end of each week.
– Lucky Winners will be selected through a Lucky Draw process.
-Lucky Winners are required to visit the eSewa office to claim their reward.
-The employees of eSewa and F1Soft Group shall be deemed ineligible to win the prize of this offer.
-To be eligible to win, customers must renew either their Meroshare or Demat account by using eSewa, and those who renew both shall have an even greater chance of winning the smartphone.
-Only those who have had their KYC verification completed can participate and will be eligible for the cash prize.
-Windfall Gain tax of 25% shall be levied on the winner as per the governing laws of Nepal.
-eSewa retains the right to modify, amend or cancel this offer at any time without prior notice to any parties involved.
-By participating in the campaign, users are acknowledging and accepting all the conditions of this offer.

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