Step into the world of digital payments with eSewa.

Start your digital payment journey with eSewa

The Secondary Education Examination, commonly known as SEE is considered an important milestone in a Nepali’s life. Graduating SEE means it is time for the youngsters to start helping their parents in household work, mostly buying groceries, paying electricity and internet bills, etcetera. 

If you are a SEE graduate, then you might be experiencing similar things like your mom asking you to go and buy vegetables for preparing the evening dinner, or saying “It’s time to pay the electricity bill, you should learn these things so you go and make payments this time”. You want to help your parents and be a model child, but at the same time you also feel like your time could be invested in better things like exploring the city with your friends don’t you? This is where Digital wallets come into your life. 

In a generation where everyone carries smartphones, digital wallets are the ultimate mobile apps to get things done within minutes. A few tap of your finger and your internet bills are paid, another tap and electricity payments are done. What’s more? you can even buy movie tickets and recharge your mobile phones, or pay for online shopping.  

Among various digital wallets, eSewa is Nepal’s first and one of the leading payment apps. All you need for an eSewa account is a photo and scanned copy of your Citizenship/Passport/voter’s ID. Filling the KYC form to get verified takes only a few minutes and once you are verified, you can enjoy an abundance of services within your fingertips.

Ready to enjoy your college life all the while being helpful at your home? Download eSewa today and get started.

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