School Bag Distribution to students of Palpa

With its increasing services, eSewa has been helping in simplifying the daily lives of people since 2009 A.D. eSewa has various stories of endeavor, generating it’s success stories and creating example in the nation. These stories are mostly heard via various means and mediums. But, there are some unheard stories like eSewa helping people from different channels, that has only been shared between few people till now. There could not be any better way than this newsletter to share a story of a school in rural Palpa and eSewa’s effort for it’s students’ development.

Shree Durga Bhawani Aadarbhut Bidhyalaya, a school in Deurali, distanced 16 km from the headquarter of Palpa, has no proper transportation, and facilitates education up to class 8 only. After completing class 8, students change their school to the one situated at the headquarter. Students of Shree Durga Bhawani Aadarbhut Bidhyalaya seemed to have no proper shoes to walk to the school and bags to carry their stationery. In 2018, eSewa successfully distributed 205 school bags to students (125 lower than grade 4 and 80 higher than that).

Initially, this school bag distribution was just an idea to promote eSewa in those rural areas, but we ended up gaining much more attention than we predicted. Moreover, the look of happiness on those children’s faces provided us with much more value than we could have ever imagined to gain.

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