Rs. 50 maa Diamond!

Diamond Earring

With a new year, here comes the opportunity for a fresh beginning with new resolutions and a fresh outlook. We make the celebrations memorable by doing the things we love and celebrating with those who matter most to us. So, how are you looking forward to celebrating New Year 2079? 

We have something exceptional planned for you all!

In an effort to make our customers feel extra special and start the year off right, we have something special in-store.

We are giving away a Shree Balaji Diamond Earring to one lucky customer who participates in our “Rs. 50 maa Diamond” campaign. 

The amount paid while participating in the offer will be returned as mobile top up to the mobile number inserted in the form.

The participants must follow the terms and conditions below to be eligible for the offer:

  1. The offer is applicable to all KYC verified users and agents.
    Note: Any unverified user when participating in the offer must submit the KYC verification request and be verified within April 12, 2022, to be eligible for this offer.
  2. The offer will be effective from March 23, 2022 to April 23, 2022.
  3. The offer is valid one time per participant.
  4. One lucky winner will get a diamond earring.
    Note: eSewa shall not be held liable if the address and phone number, thus provided, is found incorrect.
  5. The winner should claim the prize within 1 month of the winner’s announcement. If the winner does not claim the prize within the stipulated time, eSewa reserves the right to cancel the prize.
  6. The winner should provide a copy of any government authorized document (Citizenship Certificate/ Driving License/ Passport) for verification.
  7. This offer is a mere promotional event and is not a lottery, betting, or gambling under the prevailing laws of Nepal and eSewa shall refund the paid amount to all the users as a mobile top-up to the mobile number inserted when participating in the offer.
  8. The users must follow all the procedures to be eligible to win the prize, eSewa shall not be liable for the incomplete transactions of the users.
  9. eSewa reserves the right to review and/or cancel the terms and conditions of the offer in case of suspicious activity and events beyond its control without prior information to any party.
  10. eSewa reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any user or order that does not meet the criteria for the offer product or service to any user or geographic area it deems fit.
  11. By participating in the offer, participants agree and provide consent to eSewa, to use for the purposes of promotional events, advertising, marketing and any administrative matters to facilitate the management and organizing of the offer event.
  12. The prize won through this offer is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  13. 25% tax will be applicable on all winning amounts/prizes as per the Income Tax Act.
  14. Winners will be announced within one week of the campaign’s end.

Wondering how to participate? Follow the steps below:

  1.     Login to eSewa and visit the “Popular Services” section on eSewa’s homepage.
  2.     Click on the “Rs. 50 maa Diamond” offer.
  3.     Here, insert the mobile number to top up, select the offer and click on Proceed.
  4.     Now, confirm the details and click on Confirm to complete the participation process.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today:

We update the ongoing offers on our social media platforms. Stay Tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber Community for further updates.

1,109 thoughts on “Rs. 50 maa Diamond!

  1. Kahilei kehi na garda nai thik hunxa😊Hoina vane topup vanda Esewa ma refund hune system hunu parxa🙏🙏

  2. अहिले सम्म त केही परीन अब ट्राइ नगरु

  3. Now what should I tell, who does not like diamond like everyone, I also like it very much

    1. Hello,
      The winner of “Rs. 50 maa Diamond” will be announced soon.
      Thank you.

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  6. You should have extended the time for linking bank account for new customers so that they could participate in winning iphone 13…anyway this one diamond in rs 50 is awesome 👍🥰❤️

  7. Wow what a great opportunity for us to win this beautiful diamond earrings from shree balaji. I always wanted to buy some diamond jewellery. I hope this contest will let me win. Hope for best.

  8. It’s really a good campaign winner will be more happy as they were right then😁😅

  9. Siyon thapa Diamond Earring to one lucky siyon thapa participates in “Rs. 50 maa Diamond” campaign.

  10. नियम नेपालीमा लेखेकाे भए बुझिन्थ्याे र प्रतियोगितामा भाग लिन सहज हुन्थ्याे। अग्रेजी बुझे पाे भाग लिनु।

  11. राम्रो सुविधा छ हजुर धन्यबाद्।

  12. Happy new year 2079 in advance, celebrate your new year with beautiful Diamond earring @ just Rs.50🤩
    Stay safe all of you💜🙏

  13. Big shout outs to Shree balaji diamond earing ❣️
    £Alots of Love from esewa user 😊❣️🇳🇵 Shree balaji diamond rocks 🕉️❣️

  14. Big shout outs to Shree balaji diamond earing ❣️
    Alots of Love from esewa user 😊❣️🇳🇵 Shree balaji diamond rocks 🕉️❣️

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  18. This is the most popular app. Ever thought you would be able to recharge your mobile. I am very proud to saY I am using esewa app.. ThankYou

  19. This is the most popular app. Ever thought you would be able to recharge your mobile. I am very proud to saY I am using esewa app..

  20. When we talk about diamond its one of the most shiny beautiful,rarest,hard and highly expensive stone on the earth which is difficult to reach out on every ones hand but we all love to have it thankyou somuch esewa family letting us to participate on this spacious occasion of new year 2079 even though i will win or not its special.

  21. I don’t understand the meaning of: “3. The offer is valid one time per participant.”
    Does it mean one esewa user can apply for the offer only once? Could you please elaborate its meaning…

  22. If winner stay out of country,
    How they will collect winner prize,
    They will send relative, they can receive? Or not?

    1. Hello Sir,
      In such cases, winners can send a representative with their identification documents for verification and they also need to pre-inform us about the representative who will be coming to collect the prize.
      Thank you for your participation,

  23. Among many apps, e-Sewa is also best app for money transactions but e-Sewa should add some more features to be the best than other apps….Best of Luck to all esewa user’s

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    I love all the games and task provided by esewa it make me feel curious about it..

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    1. नमस्ते सर,
      हामी हाम्रो Social Media द्वारा विजेता घाेषणा गर्नेछाैँ ।

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