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In urban parts of Nepal like Kathmandu Valley we see children playing video games, surfing Youtube, watching Television, and living in their own happy bubble. It is very rare for us to see these children working and the only thing we ask them to focus on is their education, because, “education is essential for a bright future”. But, in rural parts of Nepal, there are still thousands of children who wake up and start their day helping parents complete their household chores, who spend their days grazing cattle and playing with sticks. The notion that “Education is important for a better future” is unknown to them. In fact, most if not all of them, don’t even know how to write a single letter.

Snow Yak Foundation educating children at dolpaOne such remote place is Dolpa. Even after taking two flights, you need to walk for 8 days enduring the harsh mountain wind, snow, and the tough route itself to reach Dolpa. Mr. Binod Shahi of Snow Yak Foundation reached Dolpa enduring all these hardships for the first time in 2004. There, he found school buildings, but they were empty inside. The children knew all about surviving in Dolpa’s altitude, but were unknown about Mathematics, or Chemistry or Botany. He realized how lack of education and proper health facilities were affecting the lives of people in this region and thus, he started the journey of spreading the importance of education and educating the children of Dolpa and Upper Dolpo region. After around 10 years of informal service in education and health sectors, he formally established Snow Yak Foundation in 2014.


Snow Yak Foundation Team Group Photo at DolpaSnow Yak Foundation is a non-government organization working for providing quality education to the children of Dolpa. The organization has been working in re-establishing the government schools as well as convincing Dolpa’s population regarding the benefits of good education. The schools in Dolpa run by Snow Yak Foundation are solely funded by Nepalese people. The motive behind accepting funds only from Nepalese is to make Nepalese feel responsible and contribute for the development of their country on their own.
eSewa is proud to support Snow Yak Foundation through the creation of donation portal. We believe that this portal will enable donors to contribute for the development of Dolpa in an easy, reliable and secured manner.
If you are interested in helping Snow Yak Foundation, Click here.

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