Mr. Suyog Acharya’s 3 a.m. story

suyog acharya, eSewa user

In today’s blog, we bring you one unique, yet, a relatable eSewa experience of one of our users. Mr. Suyog Acharya, living at Lalitpur is a student. He has had eSewa installed for almost 3 years now, and uses eSewa for mobile recharge, Internet bill payment, TV payment, Electricity payment, and etcetera.

While in conversation, he shared, “Around 6 months back, I was having my examinations. It was around 3 a.m. when I woke up to prepare for my examination but realized that my Vianet Internet had expired. Remembering that they extend connection for 2 days, I called their customer support. But, I was informed that my extension period had also expired and the connection couldn’t be extended again. It was in the middle of the night so none of the shops were open. I needed to download slides to prepare for my examinations and I was desperate. That is when I remembered eSewa and quickly made my Internet payment.”

It happens quite a few times, we will be having a sleepless night and surfing the Internet and suddenly the connection expires. Now you know what to do next time you are in a similar situation: Open your eSewa app and make Internet payments instantly.

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