Mr. Abhiyan Ghimire: “I finally tried eSewa and here is what happened”

Mr. Abhiyan Ghimire, User of eSewa

I had eSewa installed on my phone for a while, but hadn’t tried using it until recently. I would always ask my father to book bus tickets for me. This time too, I had a friend’s wedding and asked my father to book the tickets for me. But, he said he had a busy schedule, so I decided to book the tickets on my own.

I had heard about eSewa a lot from my friends, and since I already had eSewa installed, I decided to give it a try. For the first time, I purchased bus tickets using eSewa, and I found it rather easy. After purchasing tickets, I had time to explore the app a little more and found that we could recharge mobile phones, pay for internet, electricity and water bills. I had already heard about movie ticketing from eSewa, but it is only after using eSewa for myself that I realized how easy it was.

Now, I am happy that I don’t have to carry a bulky wallet with me. Wherever I go, I am looking for eSewa as a payment option. It is easy, quick and secured too. With the help of eSewa, I now feel less inclined to carry cash and feel that instant payments are possible without any hassle. I hope to use eSewa in more places soon.

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