Get to Know about One Time Password (OTP)

“Do Not Share Your One Time Password (OTP) With Anyone!”

You must have seen or heard this line mentioned by banks and financial institutions, digital wallets or other service providers many times recently. But, what is OTP and why are you told not to share them? Read along to find it out.

One Time Password, or more commonly known as OTP, is an automatically generated string of alpha-numeric characters that provides users with one-time authorization. It helps in two-factor authentication by sending a code valid for a short period of time to your registered mobile phone, or email address. As you are the only one who will have access to your mobile number, or email address, OTP acts as an additional layer of security for completing transactions. 

eSewa provides you with an OTP code/ verification code to ensure additional level of security in various situations such as:

  • when you reset your MPIN or password, 
  • when you pay at online shopping sites or merchants associated with eSewa, 
  • when you log in to eSewa with a new device or add new device to eSewa, 
  • when you link your bank account to eSewa, 
  • when you get registered in eSewa, and
  • when you link eSewa account in Viber (for Topup and Send Money).

OTP are for your use only and you must never share them with anyone, be it friends, relatives, eSewa Agents, or people pretending to call you as eSewa representatives. 

Fraudsters may tempt you into sharing your OTP by claiming that you have won a giveaway from eSewa, and you need to share the OTP to get the prize, or, they may say that they need your OTP details to verify your KYC, etcetera. But, know that eSewa never asks for your OTP on any occasion. Sometimes, fraudsters may send you a link via social media sites, email or even SMS, and by opening the link, your phone might be corrupted, giving them access to all of your data, including OTP.

When fraudsters/ cyber criminals get your OTP, they gain access to your eSewa Account and can steal your money. Once they get OTP, they may also gain access to your personal information, be able to change your MPIN/Password and block you from accessing your own eSewa account.

Fraudsters may also gain access to your account through phishing, sim swap, and etcetera.

How to protect your account?

  • As mentioned earlier, never share your OTP with ANYONE.
  • Do not open links coming from unknown/suspicious accounts.
  • If you receive a call/message/email pretending to be from eSewa’s representatives asking for OTP, immediately stop all communication with them and report to us through [email protected], or call us at our toll-free number 1660-01-02121.

We will look into the issue immediately and make sure that necessary actions are taken against the fraudster.


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