eSewa Life Care: मेरो परिवारको भर starting @ just Rs. 760

International Payment in Nepal

About eSewa Life Care 

eSewa Life Care is a Term Life Insurance package which provides benefits of up to Rs. 5.3 Lakhs. This package is prepared by Sun Nepal Life Insurance & Himalayan Everest Insurance exclusively for eSewa. The package also includes different offers and discounts on health-related services similar to eSewa Care. 

The package provides benefits of up to Rs. 5,30,000/- at the starting annual price of only Rs. 760/-. This package helps to provide Financial Coverage & Health Facilities at affordable prices. 


  1. Accidental Medical: Up to Rs. 1 Lakh 
  2. Hospital Bed charge: Up to Rs. 10,000/- 
  3. Critical Illness Coverage: Rs. 50,000 
  4. Accidental Death: Rs. 1 Lakh 
  5. Funeral Expenses: Rs. 20,000/-  
  6. Death Coverage: Rs. 2.5 Lakhs 
  7. Up to 35% discount on more than 30 Health & Beauty related services. 

How to buy eSewa Life Care or eSewa Care: 

  1. Login to your eSewa App or Web. 
  2. Tap on eSewa Care icon from eSewa Homepage. 
  3. Inside you will find options for eSewa Care & eSewa Life Care. Select your choice. 
  4. Fill up details for yourself and for others (for your friends & family as per your wish) 
  5. Verify and confirm all the details. 
  6. Choose eSewa Wallet or Linked Bank Account for payment. 
  7. Enter your MPIN, Fingerprint, Face ID or Password to complete your transaction. 

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. The insurance service will be activated 24 hours after purchase. 
  2. The customer has to carry eSewa Care or eSewa Life Care’s payment proof for the redemption of benefits. 
  3. Customers must provide the necessary documents asked for by Insurance Companies to claim for the Insurance Services. 

What is the difference between eSewa Care & eSewa Life Care?  


eSewa Care 

eSewa Life Care  

Sum Insured 

Worth Rs. 2,30,000 

Worth Rs. 5,30,000  


Accidental Treatment 

Accidental Death 

Hospital Cash 


Term Life  

Critical Illness  

Accidental Treatment 

Accidental Death 

Hospital Cash 

Insurance Provider 

Himalayan Everest Insurance (HEI) 

Himalayan Everest Insurance (HEI) 

Sun Nepal Life Insurance 


Rs. 360 

starts at Rs. 760* 

Valid Age 

2-60 years 

18-45 years 

Other benefits of eSewa Care 



* Premium amount varies with age for eSewa Life Care.  


What are the diseases covered in critical illness via eSewa Life Care?  

Illness covered in critical illness through eSewa Life Care are as follows:   
1. Cancer (क्यान्सर) 
2. Kidney Failure (मृगौला फेल हुनु) 
3. Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (प्राइमरी पल्मनरी आर्टरीयल हाइपरटेन्सन) 
4. Heart Valve Surgery (मुटुको भल्भ सर्जरी) 
5. Multiple Sclerosis (मल्टिपल स्क्लेरोसिस)  
6. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (कोरोनरी आर्टरीयल बाइपास ग्राफ्ट) 
7. Aorta Graft Surgery (आओर्टा ग्राफ्ट सर्जरी) 
8. Stroke (स्ट्रोक) 
9. Myocardial Infarction or First Heart Attack (पहिलो हृदयघात वा म्योकार्डियल इन्फ्राक्शन) 
10. Coma (कोमा) 
11. Total Blindness (पूर्ण अन्धोपन) 
12. Paralysis (प्यारालाइसीस) 
13. Bening Brain Tumor (बेनाइन ब्रेन ट्यूमर) 
14. Mental illness due to accident (दुर्घटनाको कारण भएको मानसिक रोग) 
15. Major Organ Transplant (महत्वपूर्ण अंग प्रत्यारोपण) 


Insurance Partners: 

Sun Nepal Life Insurance & Himalayan Everest Insurance(HEI) 

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