Distribution of Relief Items to Communities Affected by Floods in Morang

Generous eSewa users and donors,
Thank you to all who have contributed to the disaster relief fund. To date, we received more than 5 lakhs of relief fund to help the victims of the devastating flood, which drastically changed the lives of several hundred children and their families.
It is very hard for most of us to imagine losing our home, and everything else we own, in a matter of a few seconds. Then having to start over by first searching for a place to live until you can get your life back together knowing nothing will ever be the same.
But thanks to you, they are beginning a new chapter in their lives and with God’s blessing we know that we will continue to help because of caring people like you.
Again on behalf of those who were benefited from your generosity, please accept our deepest appreciation. We cannot thank you enough for your recent donation. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity, work and prayers of so many wonderful people. We thank each and every one of you.

eSewa family

Distribution of Relief Items to Communities
Affected by Floods in Jahada, Morang.



Situation overview:
In the second week of August 2017, the monsoon rainfall triggered a massive scale of flooding and landslides in 21 districts in Terai belt, where more than 80{e66ef38fc98640e3efe12c3fc7c55048053b5f4a9e2fc19d82db60824ad09dfe} of its agricultural land and approximately 35,000 houses had been destroyed and 11.5 million people have been affected. Essential services, such as road transportation, communication and electricity supply had been disrupted and cut-off in many parts of districts. The affected people faced severe shortages of food, clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and medical aid and shelter.

Quick response:
Alliance for disaster relief a non-profit organisation always stands for affected people with they need help. They are among the first responder when they got information from the affected area. Their staffs along with the volunteers from various regions surveyed to select the areas and find appropriate beneficiaries.
Meanwhile, looking at the possibility of disease outbreaks, with affected people facing challenges in accessing adequate health care, eSewa also responded quickly by launching donation portal for flood victim through eSewa users. And with the help of all the generous users of eSewa we were able to collect 5 lakhs plus fund.
Coordinating with Alliance for disaster relief organisation we handed all the collected fund to the organisation for distributing relief materials in highly affected area.

Along with the fund raised through eSewa and other donating parties Alliance for disaster relief decided to distribute relief materials for victims of Jahada municipalities in Morang District.

Distribution lead Name of volunteer Bikash Sapkota Distrubtion partners Support in Nepal and eSewa
Distribution Status Complete on DATE 26/08/2017 Distribution Areas  Jahada, Morang


Region Morang Co-ordinator Bikash Sapkota (9851051956)
Location Jadaha Rural Municpality     Local Contact Amrit Aryal (9802724333)
Target Population 550-600 families

Below in the table is the detail of the relief materials distributed.

Household target 550-600 Families
Number of beneficiaries 3300-3600 People
Total amount spent 1,180,558
What did we support with? 1,180,558


Package for each family
Quantity Total household
Rice Kg 15 550
Daal Kg 3 550
Oil ltr 1 550
Salt kg 1 550
Masala kg 0.2 550
Mosquito Net pc 1 550
Tarp Tent pc 1 550


 Items Quantity Rate Total price
Rice kg 8245 37.5 309,188
Dal mix kg 1600 90 144,000
Tel ltr 550 123 67,650
Salt 550 19.5 10,725
Masala 200 gm pkt 550 70 38,500
Mosquito Nets 550 136.37 75,004
Tarp pc 600 872.82 523,692
and distribution
Total 1,180,558

200 gms per family, 200*550=110 kgs

                                     Glimpse of distributing relief materials

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