Bikash saved his office from power-cut. Read how.

Mr. Bikash Rohila, eSewa User

Bikash Rohila, a consistent user of eSewa from the last four years shared his experience of using eSewa with us. He shared how eSewa has saved him a lot of time when he has been busy with his office work.

He first started to use eSewa when he came to know that mobile recharge is much more convenient from eSewa than going to shops for buying recharge cards. Once he started using it, he realized eSewa has a lot more to offer. So, he started to use eSewa for purchasing movie tickets, air tickets and other services not only for himself, but for his family as well.

He also shared a very recent incident where he said that his office personnel were late for the NEA payment, so he made the NEA payment instantly by using eSewa, which saved the office from the hassle of last moment urgency.

He believes that eSewa has been an acquaintance for him for years now and has helped him with all his payments even when he was busy with his office work.

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