Life has changed in an interesting way these days!

Yasam Mishra

Mr. Yasam Mishra, a resident of Jhapa, currently studying in Kathmandu, says: “I still remember the day when I urgently had to go see my friend at his home but had a little cash. I waited for public transportation for around 5 minutes but couldn’t find one to his home. As it was getting late, I called a ride through one of the ride-sharing apps and decided to pay him by withdrawing money from ATMs around. After almost 20 minutes, we reached the destination and I started searching for nearby ATMs when my rider said that I could just send the money in his eSewa wallet. That was brand new information for me! I transferred the money from my bank account to his wallet. A few days later I downloaded eSewa, and that was the start of my journey with the app.

From slowly starting to pay “khaja bill” through eSewa Scan and Pay, to sending money to friends for bill sharing, and then gradually moving to pay college fees. I have come a long way. This app has certainly simplified my life!

I would further like to see more schools being associated with eSewa so students outside the valley could also pay their fees directly through the app.”

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