Special Bonds Deserve Special Celebrations!

“Rakshya Bandhan” means the “knot of protection”. It is believed that sisters tie Rakhi around their brother’s wrist to strengthen & honor the brother-sister bond. There can be no other relationship as nurturing and vibrant as this one. The fights, fun, laughter, and small crimes this bond share is something that is so unique that we get overflowed with emotions whenever we talk about our siblings.

We believe that every one of us right now is wondering how to make this Rakhi special for our siblings. With the big day just around the corner, there is so much to prepare and so much shopping to do. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because we’re here to your rescue with an exceptional Rakhi offer.

Buckle up as we have attractive cashback on different services. Additionally, get a chance to win our Mega Giveaway by sending money via eSewa Send Money.

The offers are listed below:

DateServiceTimeOffer DetailsPromocode
9th to 12th AugustInternet5 PM to 6PM10% up to NRs 200NET
9th to 12th AugustNEA2 PM to 3 PM10% up to NRs 200ELEC10
9th to 12th AugustTopup6 PM to 7 PM10% up to NRs 200TOPUP10
9th AugustAirlinesWhole Day10% up to NRs 200BOND
10th AugustEcommerceWhole dayUp to 25% off in online shopping
11th AugustQR5PM to 8PM15% (up to NRs 150) at Bhatbhateni
11th AugustQRWhole day10% (Upto NRs 150) on eSewa Scan & PayRemarks " Rakhi"
12th AugustSend MoneyWhole dayMEGA GIVEAWAY (Smart TV)
Amarya Fashion House 11% Discount RAKHI
Cakemandu 15% Discount
Gyapu 10% Cashback (up to NRs. 2000)
Foodmandu 10% Discount (up to NRs 100) ECOMDAY
Pickme 25% Discount on selective restaurants
Bhoj 15% Discount (up to NRs 150) BHOJESEWARAKHI
Daraz 10% Discount (up to NRs 300)
(12 PM to 2 PM)
*Customer need to claim voucher from Daraz app
Cheers 5% Cashback

These are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • The offer is valid from August 09, 2022, to August 12, 2022.
  • Only KYC-verified eSewa users are eligible to win the Mega Giveaway Prize.
  • In order to win the Mega Giveaway Prize users must select “Rakshya Bandhan” on Purpose while sending money from eSewa Send Money.
  • The Internet promocode can be used one time per day, the Topup promocode ten times (during the whole campaign), and other promocodes can be used only once during the entire campaign.
  • Users need to write “Rakhi” in remarks while making payments via eSewa Scan & Pay. And, an eSewa ID will only be eligible for cashback one time.
  • Only the first 1000 unique customers will be eligible for the eSewa Scan & Pay cashback.
  • Cashback will be provided within 72 hours.
  • This offer is a mere promotional event and is not a lottery, betting, or gambling under the prevailing laws of Nepal.
  • eSewa reserves the right to review and, or cancel the offer in case of suspicious activity and events beyond its control.
  • By participating in this offer, participants agree and provide consent to eSewa to use their name and photograph for the purposes of promotional events, advertising, marketing, and any administrative matters.
  • 25% tax will be applicable on all winning amounts/prizes as per the Income Tax Act.

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102 thoughts on “Special Bonds Deserve Special Celebrations!

  1. How to get offer ? There are any promocodes or not ? And everyone can get this offer if KYC verified or not ?

  2. Hello Sir,
    The promocodes are listed in the table itself. And, you are eligible for cashback even if you are not KYC verified but to be eligible to win the Mega Giveaway you must be KYC verified.
    Thank you!

  3. I purchased Airline Ticket using promo code but I didn’t get 10%Cashback or anything like that. Before paying it was showing Rs200 off but after payment it was not applied.

    1. Hello Sir,
      The cashback will be provided within 72 hours of the transaction.
      Thank you!

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      The promocodes will only be applicable at specified times. The time for different services is as follows:
      1. Internet 5 PM to 6 PM
      2. NEA 2 PM to 3 PM
      3. Top-up 6PM to 7 PM
      Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for offer .please again again this types festival offer progrem .

  5. अनि याे QR Pay काे अफर प्राप्त गर्नका लागि चैं eSewa कै QR स्क्यान गर्नैपर्ने हाे कि fonepay काे मा गर्दा पनि अफर पाईन्छ ?

    1. नमस्ते सर,
      यस अफरमा सहभागी हुन तपाईंले QR अनिवार्य रुपमा eSewa बाट नै Scan गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ।

  6. According to T & C point no 4 “The Internet promocode can be used five times per day, the Topup promocode ten times (during the whole campaign), ” It means that cashback on every transaction’s 10% upto 200 of internet five transaction and ten times of topup can get cashback or sum of total transaction 10% upto 200 ?

  7. 2000 Pending my account please for subisu payment please uodate payment or refund urgent

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      Please inbox us regarding this issue on our Facebook or Viber. We’ll assist you in detail over there.
      Thank you!

    1. Hello,
      Today is “eSewa Scan and Pay” day, so you can only get cashback by scanning fonepay QR from eSewa app at any preferred outlet.
      Thank you!

    1. Hello Sir,
      You are required to scan fonepay QR (at your preferred store) from eSewa app in order to be eligible for the cashback.
      Thank you!

  8. 10% qr cashback(remarks: Rakhi) to all customers or limited number of customers?
    Does cashback comes instantly?

    1. Hello Sir,
      Everyone who scan fonepay QR from eSewa app between 5 PM to 8 PM today is eligible for the cashback.
      Thank you!

  9. I proud of this aap beacause this aap was very nice and this aap feature are also God so thanks for made this aap
    Thank you

  10. I have paid NEA from esewa with use promo code but cash back is not return yet

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