Save money with digital wallets

We work hard to earn, and thus, it is quiet natural for us to want to save money. There are various habits you can practice so as to save more money. Among those, one simple habit you can adopt starting today which will help you save more without effecting your spending habits too much is using digital wallets.


Wondering how?

Imagine shopping at the grocery store in front of your house, or visiting a café just around the corner from your street or even shopping at your favorite mall. Whenever it’s time to pay at any of these stops, you just take out your smartphone, open the digital wallet and Scan to Pay. Just how are you saving your money in here? You enjoy cashbacks, that’s how!

It’s not just on Scan to Pay that you save money. Let’s say you have to pay for your Internet bills, or topup your mobile phone, again, you use your digital wallet and earn reward points in addition to cashback. These reward points get collected in your wallet and then you can redeem them for movie tickets, shopping vouchers, and even motorbike.

Want to know more about reward points? Click here.

Following the famous quote, “every penny counts”, start using digital wallets and saving more money by downloading the eSewa app today.

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