Realtime DEMAT Renewal now available in eSewa!

Realtime DEMAT Renewal is now LIVE in eSewa. Now renew your DEMAT account instantly from MeroShare’s portal using eSewa. 

Realtime Meroshare renewal services was implemented from 1st of Shrawan 2077. In addition to this services now we have added Realtime DEMAT Renewal services. With this services now you can renew your meroshare account as well as demat account with your fingertip instantly. You dont need to visit DP office or call DP to renew your DEMAT account.

Follow these simple steps for real-time DEMAT account renewal:

1. Log in to Mero Share’s portal.

2. Tap on “Mero Share Profile”.

3. Tap on “Renew Account”.

4. Tap on “eSewa”.

5. Choose options between “MeroShare & DEMAT”, “MeroShare” or “DEMAT”.

6. Check the details and Proceed.

7. Enter eSewa ID and Password and Log-in.

8. Fill in the User Details and click on “Continue Payment”.

9. Check all the details and click on “Confirm”.

10. Your DEMAT renewal is done in real-time.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today:

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3 thoughts on “Realtime DEMAT Renewal now available in eSewa!

  1. I’ve made my meroshare renewal payment through esewa (>2 hrs before), but not activated yet.
    Wd’ u pls suggest me?

    1. Hello Sir,
      We request you to reach us on Facebook or Viber (+9771234512345) so that we can assist you with your query.
      Thank you.

  2. The services are allowed but previous attractive offers (2% cashback, call quality of listening, etc) and its complete tutorial is not given well. So I would like to request that the application user are focused to be comfortable which should be done by Esewa. despite this suggestion, I love Esewa’s international flight ticketing system which may benefit to most of the workers also.

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