Online School fee payment partners (Province 6)


Province 6

District: Salyan

S.N. School
1 Jyoti Punja Academy
2 Long Green River Boarding School
3 M M Academy
4 Salyan Public School
5 Shree Krishna Boarding School
6 Ujjwal Star English Boarding School

District: Surkhet

S.N. School
1 Surkhet Model College
2 Brightland Secondary School Surkhet
3 Goldenbird Academy
4 Sahara Campus Surkhet
5 Surkhet Saint Mary’s Co Ed pvt ltd
6 Supreme Academy Surkhet Pvt ltd
7 Eagar Bridge Secondary School
8 Nobel Academy Secondary School
9 Mount Everest English Medium School
10 Suryadaya Boarding School
11 Social Academy Pvt Ltd
12 Suvatara Boarding School, Surkhet
13 Public Academy
14 Nicholas School
15 Advance Better English Medium School

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