Mangsir ko Lahara: Earn Free Honeymoon Package

Mangsir ko Lahara eSewa Grand Mangsir Campaign

As the joyous marriage season approaches, eSewa is thrilled to present an exciting opportunity for couples to win a free honeymoon package with the grand campaign “Mangsir ko Lahara”.

What is Mangsir Ko Lahara?

Mangsir, known for its cool and crisp weather, also has another significant value in Nepali communities, it’s the months where lovers move to another chapter of their love. Mangsir is the month of love, the month of tying a knot, the month of promises and togetherness.

In order to celebrate love and elevate the romantic backdrop of Mangsir, eSewa is sending one couple to an all-expenses-paid honeymoon at Barahai Jungle Lodge.

Where is Barahi Jungle Lodge?

Barahi Jungle Lodge is a five-star five-star hospitality facility known for its stunning location and atmosphere. Located at Meghauli, Barahi Jungle Lodge is known not just for luxurious accommodation but also for access to a location surrounded by natural wonders and nearby communities. Whether you’re wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, this honeymoon package has something for everyone.

Who can participate in Mangsir ko Lahara Campaign?

 Well, the good news is everyone. Everyone who purchases airline tickets from eSewa during the month of Mangsir will be automatically eligible for this campaign.

What will be covered?

Pretty much everything, from airfare to accommodation to breakfast in bed. The winning couple of this eSewa’s grand Mangsir campaign will embark a grand honeymoon gateway without having to be worried about the expenses of flight tickets, accommodation for two days, and breakfast in bed.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Mangsir ko Lahara Campaign?

To ensure a fair and transparent process, please review the following detailed terms and conditions for participation:

  • Eligibility: The offer is open to all eSewa users and agents who book airlines ticket from eSewa in this month
  • Selection Process: The winner will be chosen through a random lucky draw, adding an element of excitement and fairness to the selection process.
  • Non-Transferable: The awarded honeymoon package is non-transferable and is intended exclusively for the winning couple.
  • Tax Responsibility:The winner is required to bear any applicable taxes associated with the honeymoon package.


Thank you for choosing eSewa, and best of luck to all participants!

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