Learn Share Trading from Merolagani’s online course, pay fee using eSewa and get cashback

Merolagani online stock trading course

Are you interested in investing in the stock market? Are you interested to learn what is share and how share trading is done in Nepal? Do you want to learn how and when to buy, sell, and hold shares? Are you thinking of investing in the stock market after lockdown?

If the questions mentioned above are playing in your mind, you shouldn’t worry now. Merolagani – a news portal that has been broadcasting stock related news and information for more than a decade has recently initiated online stock training. Anyone interested in the stock market can participate in the training. Interestingly, when you pay the course fee from eSewa, you will get 5% cashback.


Currently, two types of share training courses are available at Merolagani:

1. Basic Share Training 3 Days (Rs. 15.32 inc. tax)

  1. Basic technical analysis introduction
  2. Calculate support and resistance
  3. Basic understanding of candlestick analysis
  4. Basic understanding of trend lines

2. Basic Share Training 1 Month (Rs. 150)

The basic online stock training course is for beginners. With this course, you can:

  1. Understand technical analysis
  2. Calculate support and resistance
  3. Understand candlestick analysis
  4. Understand trend lines

Also, new topics will be added every week

2. Advance Technical Analysis 1 Month (Rs. 2500)

If you already have basic knowledge and want to learn more, Merolagani has also come up with an advanced e-learning course for shares. For this, you will have to pay Rs 2,500. With this, you also get to watch more than a thousand minutes of video that contains advanced in-depth Technical Analysis contents from Merolagani Experts.

Salient features of the Advance Technical Analysis share trading course:

  1. Professionally Designed Course with pre-recorded videos – easy to understand for even new investors.
  2. 1000+ Minutes of Video e-Learning that you can view at your convenience & time.
  3. Direct Mentoring by CEO of Merolagani, Atit Lal Shrestha
  4. Dedicated, Interactive Question & Answer with Homework / Assignment sessions via Telegram App

Get the best out of this self-quarantine. Start your eLearning Today!

How to enroll in Merolagani’s share trading course and pay fees using eSewa?

  1. Visit Merolagani website here and Sign Up or Log In to your account.
  2. If you are a beginner and need some quick yet effective understanding of stock trading, choose the Basic Share Training 3 Days Package, if you are a beginner and have time for in-depth understanding, choose the Basic Share Training 1 Month package. If you already have basic knowledge, choose Advance Technical Analysis 1 Month package.
  3. Click on Pay
  4. Choose eSewa among the available payment options and click on pay with eSewa button.
  5. Enter your eSewa ID and Password and click on LOGIN.
  6. Check the transaction details and click on Confirm button.

Subscribe Merolagani Data Analytics software and start investing like a Pro

Merolagani Data Analytics is a revolutionary product that combines Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Floorsheet Analysis to give investors a detailed insight into a stock, which will ultimately help investors make better buy & sell decisions.

Until a few years ago, Nepali Share Market lacked a central database for all company financial data.

To overcome this situation, Merolagani has collected all financial data of listed companies in a comparable format. For the last 1 year, Merolagani has entered each and every data published by these companies in its database. Merolagani has the last 5 year’s financial history of all listed companies.

How does Merolagani’s Data Analytics software work?

Merolagani’s Data Analytics software has a Stock Screening Tool, where you can compare companies on any level. You can compare EPS, PE, Capital, Reserves, interest income, and anything that is reported in their financial data. The software also has an Intrinsic Value Calculator and Future Profit Estimates. It also has a Floorsheet Analysis Tool, Technical Auto Buy/Sell Recommendations Generators. Merolagani Data Analytics is catered for both Investors and Traders in their everyday BUY/SELL decision-makings.

Key Features of Merolagani’s Data Analytics software:

  1. Online Web-Based Software Platform compatible with PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablets, etc.
  2. Digitalization of all Quarter Reports in an easy-to-read format.
  3. Powerful Floorsheet Analytical Engine that can analyze more than 600,000 Floorsheet Data.
  4. Extensive In-depth Fundamental Analysis of Stocks.
  5. Advanced Charts for Technical Analysis with Live Real-Time 1 min/5 min/15 min Chart With 100+ Indicators
  6. Technical Analytical Auto Buy/Sell Recommendations and Charting Software
  7. Mutual Funds Tracker Tool with Real-Time NAVs.
  8. 24/7 Support & Group Discussion on Software via Telegram App. Ask anything you want regarding stock with hundreds of other Data Analytics users like you!
Merolagani Data Analytics Software
Merolagani Data Analytics Software

Subscription Plans:

You can subscribe to Merolagani’s Data Analytics software for 6 months or 1 year.

1 Year Subscription charge = Rs. 3500/-

6 Month Subscription charge = Rs. 2000/-

You can also test trial this software for 1 month for just Rs. 400/-

How to buy Merolagani’s Data Analytics software and pay using eSewa?

  1. Go to www.merolagani.com/login.aspx and Sign Up or Log In to your Portfolio.
  2. After you log in to the Portfolio Management Tool, click Subscribe Button next to Data Analytics.
  3. Online Pay via eSewa.
  4. Call Merolagani Office at 4215101 or 4215184 to activate your subscription after you have made payment.

Subscribe to Merolagani Data Analytics software today and start investing like a pro!

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Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today: bit.ly/eSewa_App

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